Friday, April 26th 2018 Show

What a fabulous show this was tonight! DJ Gunner was in great form, Paul and Jilley greeted our frams with champagne and hors d’oeuvres as they arrived, and Babypea hid backstage buried in IMs and wrangling the subscriber as The Wiz made the announcements. Dancers putting on costumes and makeup, stretching out and warming up, it was an exciting night of dazzling entertainment, a bit of tears, and a lot of WOW!

Disturbed – You’re Mine
Love the lighting on this set. Stranded on a barren alien planet, alone but not lonely.

with Paul, Ant, Hailie, Sammy, Wiz
George Ezra – Paradise
Super fun choreo with formations, a happy dance!

with Liri
Music of the Night
Very beautiful and romantic, in spite of the tragic ending.

with Wiz, Melina, Gunner, Baby, Hailie, Paul, Jilley
Circle of Life (District 78 Remix) – Lion King
Fantastic set, great costumes, and awesome choreography, this dance was a dazzler!

with Seb and Kyser
Can’t Stop that Tap – Juice Music
Step back in time to a nostalgic visit to Vaudeville, can’t stop the tap… timeless!

with Lina, Sammy, Antonio, Rory, and Web
Katy Perry – Unconditionally (Official Ryan Jirovec Cover Video)
Alexis made us cry with this loving take on unconditional love and a look at stigma with mental illness.

with Web, BB, Jilley, Lina
Whissell – Take Em Down
Time to riot, bitches!!

Crowd Dances
Christina Aquilera – Not Myself Tonight
Madonna – Human Nature
Envogue – Free Your Mind

What a fantastic set, excellent songs and superb choreography. Heaps of fun!

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