June 15th 2018 Show

It was not that late, but being winter in the Land Down Under meant the sun set early. So, though it was not quite 6pm, the sun had already abandoned the scene, leaving a chill hanging in the air that exhaled frosty breath on my prickled skin. I huddled into my faux fur wrap, the balls of my feet feeling frozen with each step I took. I silently cursed having chosen pumps over snugly boots as my heels clacked on the concrete, echoing off the walls of closed shops and down shadowy alleys. I had taken a bus which, like the rest of the city, was oddly abandoned. Where was everybody? Where were all the people? Street lights and dimly-lit shop display windows didn’t do much to offer any comfort or hope of civilisation. I then became aware of a second set of footsteps, echoing behind me, following each step I took.

I didn’t want to appear worried. So it was with calculated casualness that I peered back over my right shoulder, sharp eyes scanning the misty street. And there I saw him. Only a quick glance, as I immediately returned my view to where I was going rather than where I had been, mostly because, as I said, I didn’t want to appear vulnerable. But he was back there. A tall man of course, why are tall men always the villains? Based upon my own experiences, short men are far more devious. But this man was tall, his silhouette long and lanky, and I saw the hint of long dark hair draping down from under a dark fedora. My heart leapt for a moment. Maybe it was Seb! And we could sneak down the alley for a quick tryst, finally fulfilling one of my greatest all-time fantasies! Hurriedly, I dug in my purse for my pocket dictionary to look up “tryst” and make sure it meant what I thought it meant.

But what if it wasn’t Seb? What if it was… oh gawd no, not him… I quickened my pace, seeing off in the short distance bright lights and hearing some noise. The sound of a crowd, a voice blaring over a loud speaker… a club? Civilisation! I went from fast walking to a slow trot, careful to only go but so fast in these heels. But the steps behind me quickened as well. My heart started to pound, my chest tightened. I suddenly felt I could not catch my breath! Surely I had time to make it to the club, it was just up ahead… move faster! But my feet were frozen and felt to be breaking with each step. Finally I chanced a glance back, and in horror saw it was not Seb, it was… some other long, lanky man! And he was right behind me, close enough to grab me! I could smell his musky cologne blending with the frosty night air, I could feel the warmth of his body slightly easing the chill of mine, my eyes met his and I stopped in my tracks, mesmerised.

He was not Seb, but he was still beautiful. He was gorgeous.

He smiled at me, stepping right up in front of me. I must have looked like a giddy school girl. I smiled weakly back, waiting for him to lift me into his arms, carry me down an alley and TAKE me in a manly way! He parted his lips. I held my breath in anticipation. Then he said, “Welcome to the Weekend!” He then hurried past me, up the stairs and into the club.

I turned, my eyes following him with scornful disappointment. “ASSHOLE!” I yelled. “Ya TEASE!” Humph! Next time send a short man, they know how to carry a woman off for a proper tryst! Stamping my foot, I plodded up the stairs and into the club. Perhaps I would find him and throw a drink or a crab salad on him for not ravishing me. What was this place? The Empire Room. Where a dance troupe, Elysium Cabaret, were about to perform. I settled down with a martini and enjoyed thawing out as I waited for the show to start. Maybe I would like this. Maybe I should audition and become a dancer?! That would make him sorry for not carrying me off when he had the chance, once he saw me on the big stage. That would teach him to be a gentleman, dammit! What was in the show? Let’s take a look!

With thanks to R. Crap Mariner for the great pics… to see more photos of this show plus other shows and troupes, visit Crap’s fabulous Flicker at:

with Gracie and Nara
Gymnopedie 1&3 Mix – Ten Strings

Very much beautiful and so artsy!

with Zena and Rhonda
Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

Super fun act with sexy school girls!

with Que, Josie, Nara, Eva, Web
Caro Emerald Just One Dance

Lina is back with her posse of gorgeous gals!

with Si, Adam, Jo, Jilley and Diawa
Surfing (Edit mix)

Sexy Seb and friends carried off by some really big waves!

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

OMG Wizlice!! Go ask Wizlice! We love our Wizlice!!

with Nara
‘ Pillow Talk’ by Zayn

Romance and sweet times!

with Lina and Eva

Badassery a la Jilley Struck!

Crowd Dances
Tonight is What It Means to be Young – Streets of Fire
It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf

Eva is very much cool dancing the crowd with very much cleverness!

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