A Word About Stage Usage

Elysium uses a very large stage. This is so that complex acts requiring a lot of room will have the space they need to fulfil the creator’s vision. However, some acts would be better served using a smaller stage. Such a large space can be intimidating to fill for acts that do not require so much room. Trying to oversize a smaller act can cause a set to look vacuous or displeasing to the eye, for example from textures being stretched too large or props taking on an unnatural relation to walls. Here is a solution.

Try simply using a smaller template for your set. Make a size that works for you. Consider using different shapes than the standard ‘box’ template.

Then use prims to box your set onto the stage, filling in open spaces.

You can colour your prims black or use decorative textures, even animated ones.

So please do not feel you must use all that space for every act. Just use what your act needs. Sometimes, small, cosy and intimate suits an act perfectly. Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts regarding stage usage.

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