August 17th 2018 Show

I sat huddled around the small fire that burned in the rock circle, pulling the shabby plaid woolen blanket more tightly around my humped over shoulders. A faded pink floral quilt lay across my legs. I closed my eyes and tried to curl the fingers of my right hand into my left for warmth. They felt like ice sticks.

I felt a sudden warm spot behind me where something was blocking the draft from the open mouth of the cave wherein I dwelt. Sniffing, I caught the strong wind of stale sweat masked with Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Homme cologne. Whoever it was, it was no friend of mine. Wrinkling my nose, I raised the shotgun that I kept resting across my lap at all times and pointed it back over my shoulder, tilting my head away from it as I pulled the trigger. I heard a thud behind me as the raider hit the stone ground in a lifeless puddle of human waste. Glancing back, I frowned at the mess. “BILLY” I yelled, “Come clean this up! And bring me some coke with ice in it. Move it, lardass!”

Of course, that is bullshit, for if I actually did fire off a shotgun that close to my ear with one hand even aiming backwards, I’d prolly be in rather bad shape myself. But this is my reality, where I can do what I want, and in my reality, I indeed dropped that raider with one hand and no harm to myself. Because in my reality, I’m cool like that.

Billy toddled up with a delicate porcelain pink tea cup. Inside was coke with broken bits of icicle. That was the only ice we could get. We lived in a cave, there was no frig, no freezer. And yes yes I know ‘frig’ is not a word. Piss off. This is my reality! In my reality, nothing has to make sense and I never have to explain anything. And in my reality, ‘frig’ is a perfectly good word. *runs to look it up* Well I’ll be dipped in batter and deep-fried, it is a word *just looks incredulous* this is not what I had in mind:

vulgar slang

verb: frig; 3rd person present: frigs; past tense: frigged; past participle: frigged; gerund or present participle: frigging
1. have sexual intercourse with.

noun: frig; plural noun: frigs
1. an act of sexual intercourse or masturbation.

exclamation: frig
1. expressing anger, annoyance, or contempt.

late Middle English: of unknown origin. The original sense was ‘move restlessly, wriggle’, later ‘rub, chafe’, hence ‘masturbate’ (late 17th century).

So what do we know, ‘frigging’ is a real word. I thought Australians made it up. Australians have their own language, founded in English, but it is not really English anymore. What they did was, they took the English language, ripped all the feathers off it, rearranged all its parts, then dipped it in beer, rolled it in grit, and deep-fried it. Once it had that golden brown sheen, they placed a mortarboard on it’s head, handed it a laser pointer and sent it out to confuse the rest of the English-speaking world.

Okay, just unsee that entire part of this story. ‘Unsee’ is another word that exists in my reality, don’t make me look it up! Refrigerator. There. You made me type it out. We had no refrigerator or freezer. Because we lived in a cave. I gave the cup of coke a glance then looked at Billy who was kneeling down with bowed head, terrified of making eye contact with my haggard self. I was a grizzled old woman with a personality to match. But this time, I was almost nice to him.

“I was only joking. I don’t want coke with ice. I want a coffee with Baileys! You should know that, dummy, it’s freezing in this cave!” I waved him away with the sweep of a dismissive hand.

We had it rough, having had to move into a rock cave in the side of a mountain after our house and city were destroyed in the apocalypse. We did manage to bring a few comforts with us, but amenities were sparse. We got by as best we could. Coffee and Baileys helped heaps.

I rose and trudged over to a chair on the other side of the fire. Sitting down, I tilted my head back a bit as pale, blood-shot eyes scanned the computer monitor in front of me. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, there it was, the Elysium stage in The Empire Room on Copperhead Road sim. And there was that hunk of a DJ, Gunner von Phoenix playing some of my favourite tunes. I heard Paul call out, “Welcome to the Weekend!” He was standing with Jilley greeting guests as they came through the door….

I smiled.

I leaned back, ready to enjoy the show as Wiz began the introduction. Billy appeared at my side with a coffee that smelled amazing, steam rising with the sweetness of a bit of Baileys to warm my blood. I reached for my tweezers and began absentmindedly plucking out my chin hairs as I watched the show.

I nodded. Life was harsh, but at least we still had internet.

Like I said, my reality.

with Paul, Pea and Ant
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Jumpin’ Jack

with Carol, Spice, ŻєŃα and Syykyr
Nakita , by Elton John

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
I understand how one gets caught up in life’s choices. One dose not want to be there but finds themselves in too deep.

2. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
Nikita, a young woman who was rescued from death row by a secret government agency known as Division. Division faked Nikita’s execution, giving her a chance to start a new life and serve her country. At least, that’s what she is told. In reality, she is trained to be a spy and assassin. After three years in hiding, Nikita seeks retribution against her former bosses who deceived her and does everything she can to expose and destroy Division’s covert operation, even as Division continues recruiting and training other young people to become cold-blooded killers.

Devil Woman by Cliff Richards

Ursine Vulpine – Wicked Game

with Jilley, Baby, Josie, Nara
ZZ Ward , Criminal

with Hailie
Moves like Jagger Adam Levine and Christina Aguliera

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to?
It was part of a body parts challenge, and I’ve always like the song.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
Sorting the lips out once I came up with the idea to have them open at the start of the number.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
It’s just a bit of fun, It was a good way to branch out and tinker a bit, the lips and mouth were fun for me, and having myself an Hailie walk down tongues.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Not really was just fun to work on, a lot of it came about by being bored at work, and I escape by planning my sets there.

Ride a White Horse by Goldfrapp

Ladytron – Black Cat

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
I’ve been sitting on this song for ages because it is so weird. I finally decided it would be perfect for a Lovecraft Festival act, so I decided to use it for Lovefest 2018.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
I bring a giant leech in from the back of the stage towards the end of the dance. Unfortunately, the Lovefest stage is butted right against the edge of the sim. Thus, my prop would not rez because it was rezzing off sim. I tried to make the leech smaller, considered other ways to bring it in, but none of this worked. So I had to pull this act from Elysium’s Lovefest lineup. Was a bummer, but I can still do it at venues that allow space around their venues so that mad people can rez mad sets.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
It’s just a bit of fun, enjoying the weird and the silly. I don’t take this stuff too seriously, my focus is more on having fun with it. I know which fork to use first, but I ENJOY eating with my fingers and playing with my food. Don’t you wish you were on the menu? *triple reverse snorts with a backwards twirl*

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
SexyS Quintessa made the leech in my dance… her first mesh that she uploaded to SL!! Thanks SexySssssssssssss…. She is my baby mama, BTW.

Crowd Dances

Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Closer to the Edge”

Queen – Flash (Official Video)

Rick Springfield – Human Touch

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