Lovefest 2018 We Had a Blast

The lag was a bitch but we trucked through it and everyone was pumped. We had a great time. Here are some pics from a truly amazing show. We probed, explored, went deeper, reached farther… and without any lube or rubber gloves. We had an adventure and have the scars to prove it! SOCO I AM STILL SHOCKED! And more than a little proud *wipes a tear away from one eye* now if I can lure you into full frontal nudity. Big thank you to MISS AME for jumping in and DJing for us at the last minute! I love you Ame and Zach. A lot. Enough to be a thruple.

Check out this fab show!

with Paul
I Put a Spell on you – Marilyn Manson

Hate With a Smile

with Seb

with Seb, Tray, Niecho
Evening In Space: Daphne Guinness

with Ender
Bernadette by IAMX

Ruelle, Madness

Bella and Adam
with Sammy
HP Lovecraft – At The Mountains Of Madness

with Haillie, Seb, Gunner, Pea, Jilley and Someone (Lina? IM me and tell me)
Beautiful people district 89 version

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