Elysium Cabaret – October 6, 2017


Here are _ reasons why coming to the Empire Room to watch  the Elysium Cabaret Dancers put on a show is better than a RL concert.
1. NO TRAFFIC – Who wants to spend any more time in their cars or public transportation than they have to during a week full of commuting to and from work?  All you need to do is click on the landmark in your favorites or in a personal invite from Paul in our group or the Dance Queens group and within seconds you are at the doorway to the theater.
2. NO PARKING – So you are now within a couple blocks of the theater and all you need to do is find somewhere to park your damn car and walk up or down 3 or more levels and trudge a few blocks on foot to the theater entrance. You’re ready
3. NO TICKETS – You’ve locked yourself in the bathroom (again?) and a madman is turning the door into splinters with an axe. A head pokes through the jagged opening and ….. I’mmmmmm Baaaaaaaack. So this is my first attempt at reviewing the dances AND taking the pics. Please forgive me.        Starts humming along to “I Got a Feeling.”

Set 1: Jilley
with Diawa and Nara
Scream and Shout Remix




Set 2: Ariel
with Devlin
Jim Stafford- Spiders & Snakes




Set 3: Luna
with Jozef

Send Me an Angel by Infected Mushrooms




Set 4: Mikiko
Beyoncé – Naughty Girl




Set 5: Seb
with Soco, Fafnir, JP, Paul, Storm and Zenith

You can leave your hat On – Etta James




Set 6: Gunner
with Baby, Red and Ahava
Hard Lesson by The Burned




Set 7: Lina
Alex Swings Oscar Sings – Miss Kiss Kiss Bang




Set 7: Babypea
with Web, Gunner, Kyshra, BB and Jilley

Moana Mix




Set 8: Kyshra
with Everyone

Too Drunk to Fuck – Buckcherry
Dirty Little Girl – Burn Halo
Pussy Rules – Faderhead



Thanks you for joining us for another fantastic Show.

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