November 16th 2018 at Elysium Cabaret!

Well! I asked for advice on how to deal with Stoke’s exorcism, and I got nothing! I see how it is. No doubt, people feared what prize they’d win if I chose their suggestion on how to manage this tragedy. So I had to work it out for myself, entirely on my own with no help from anyone! But I am devoted to Stoke’s biceps and therefore, for myself and women everywhere, and even for a few of the guys, I was willing to do what was needed to Save the Biceps. You may recall, Stoke was turned into a hideous, gloating little sock monkey….

The Devil went up to Elysium, he was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind cause he was way behind and was willing to make a deal.
When he came upon this sexy gal dancing the Cha Cha and dancing it hot.
And the Devil jumped up on the stage and said, “Girl, lemme tell ya what.
I bet you didn’t know it but I’m a dancer too.
And if you’d care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you.
Now you shimmy yer bewbies pretty well but give the Devil his due,
I’ll bet Stoke’s biceps against yer soul ’cause I think I’m better than you.”
I said, “My name’s Pea, and get the fuck off my stage asshole, this an’t no crowd dance,” and I kicked him out into the audience seating.

I then ran off stage and to the dressing room. The little woollen imp chased after me, which is what I was hoping he’d do. I snatched up Jilley’s pet-hair-removal brush and whipped around, smacking him with it. He stuck to it like a burr in a cat’s tail. I dashed over to the dryer and opened the door, tossed him in, and set it to run on high for twenty minutes. When I removed him from the dryer, he had puffed up like a pompom. Squeezing him tightly, I took him over and held him up to the mirror so he could see himself. He screamed. “You are a disgrace! Look at you, all soft and fluffeh and girly,” I sneered. “I am going to start calling you Dame Stoke! I think you need some MAKEUP!”

He struggled and fought wildly as I taped him to my dressing table and applied purple glitter eye shadow to his lids, some acid pink lipstick to his lips, and pink rouge to his cheeks. “That’s better,” I cried out gleefully. “Aren’t you pretty!” He wailed in anguish.

“Exorcism, ‘ey? I’ll exercise you! We are going to do this MY way!” I had worked out all an exorcism was, was exercising the demon until it got tired and frustrated and left the body. I just had to make the little shit uncomfortable and miserable enough that it decided being inside Stoke was too much work.

“I think you need a beehive!” I sat him up and started teasing his hair until it was standing straight up. I then combed it down a bit and tucked the ends in here and there, then sprayed it with enough hair spray to bind it like a plaster cast. Next, I got the spray-on hair colour from Wiz’s dressing table and sprayed the little beehive updo bright pink. “Aren’t you gorgeous,” I exclaimed, proudly holding the varmint up to the mirror. “What do you think? You just need a little tiara now.”

He shrieked in horror. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?! LET ME GO, LET ME GO!”

“NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR” I cackled, “I am having fun! I hope you NEVER leave Stoke’s body, Dame Stoke! This is way funner than playing with dolls or biceps! Hmmmm. You need a bustier and a girdle, methinks, and maybe some stockings and high heels? Just have to find ones small enough to fit you, or I can improvise… I can cut something down and stitch it right to you. Yes! We can do this!”

I stitched him into a wee make-shift corset and used some of Jilley’s knee-highs as stockings for him, then put a pair of hot pink stilettos into edit mode and shrunk them down to fit him just right. “Hmmmm,” my brows dipping as I examined him, “You need a thong. Too bad you are only a PRIM avatar and not MESH, if you were mesh I could at least get appliers for you… it must suck to be some outdated 2005 old-school HAS BEEN of an avatar!”

His eyes widened and he looked truly hurt. I saw his chin start to quiver as his bottom lip poked out, his eyes pooling with tears.

No mercy! “Don’t be a cry baby,” I scolded. I clamped him into a wee X-shaped BDSM frame that I had gotten from Gay Pygmy Isle (yes, there really is such a place in Second Life, leave it to me to know this… I have some dear friends who used to live there, was a heap of fun, we must organise an excursion… road trip!). I then smiled wickedly. I started to speak but froze for a moment with my lips parted, my words suspended for a dramatic pause. He looked at me expectantly, waiting in anticipation. “Now for the real fun,” I yelped, startling him so bad he almost leapt out of his wool.

I took a bottle of Le Jardin Max Factor perfume and opened it, gripping the pretty pale green bottle tightly as I thrust my hand forward repeatedly, sprinkling him with the flowery scent. “Oh don’t you smell pretty! Just like a flower garden! Who’s a pretty girl…” I grinned brightly at him and shook my head side to side very fast over and over, teasing his tummy with my nose as I taunted, “Who’s a pretty girl?! Who smells sooooooooooooooooo sweet like a fresh spring bouquet?!”

He howled in misery, big tears streaming down his face, dripping to his chest only to be absorbed by his knitted body. “You evil bitch, YOU SIREN FROM HELL, let me go, LET ME GO!”

“No no no, this is so much fun, I have decided I don’t want Stoke’s biceps back. I will have way more fun tormenting you. Hey! Listen to what I have organised for you!” I changed the stream to Gunner’s stream, which I had set to play Mika’s “Lollipop” on loop.

His face froze and jaw slowly dropped as beady black eyes widened. “NO, NOT THIS,” he cried out. “ANYTHING BUT THIS! I’d rather hear Macarena, Crazy Frog, JUSTIN BIEBER! ANYTHING BUT THIS!!!! PLEASE I BEG YOU, HAVE MERCY! This is so cruel and unusual, it is sadistic, how COULD you be so inhumane! This has to be illegal, a violation of some UN law… this is torture, it is DEPRAVED! PLEASE STOP, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE play something else… ANYTHING else! I’m calling Amnesty International!!!!”

I tilted my head to one side and cast him an amicable smile. “Screw that. I am going to have a nap. I’ll be back in a couple days. And don’t worry about anyone messing with the stream or coming in to annoy you, no one comes here during the week. You’ll have the place to yourself, just you and Mika to serenade you!” I picked up a black fedora, put it on and tipped it, dipping my head with a little wave of my fingers. I then headed for the door. Behind me I heard his wailing and screeches of protest, his begging for clemency. I yelled back before teleporting away, “I hope you are still here when I get back! I have lots more fun planned for us, Dame Stoke!”

Well… I guess I exercised him alright.

I am very sad to report, IT is gone. It left Stoke’s body. As we could see come Friday night at The Empire Room. Paul and Jilley greeting guests, Wiz making sure all backstage was in order, Corri rocking the tunes… frams joining us from all over the grid to welcome in the weekend. And Stoke:

So Stoke is back, fully restored to his former glory and Dame Stoke is just GONE! Just when I was having so much fun with him. The little coward, running away from me… I was about to slap a collar on him and call him MINE! Humph. Fine, I will console myself with Stoke’s biceps. He does look fine in a tux, dayum, but really I think shirtless is his best look.

So! Onto the show! But FIRST, our Golden Tweezers Award to the post/s that I found the most amusing. Is often VERY hard to choose, we have some hilarious, witty people in our group and they do take the piss (give each other shit… tease one another… it’s an Aussie saying) a LOT! Heaps of fun. Tonight, our Golden Tweezers award goes to a duet. This is NOT the same thing as a tie. This is a new situation when more than one person makes posts that relate to one another in such a way that they play off one another. They have complimentary posts that work together to make more funny for ME to enjoy. Like Laurel and Hardy. Or Lucy and Ricky. Or Trump and CNN. They are way funnier when working together. This week’s duet is the clever team of Jilley and Elayn! And they are just BAD BAD BAD! READ this little shocker:

[17:24] Jilley: you have your willie out Storm? o:O
[17:24] Elayn: is it cold where Storm lives? I need to know if it’s worth camming…


with Pea, Lina, Hailie, Web
Cher – Woman’s World

[2018/11/16 17:41] Murhdur: I think it has willie’s nuts in its jaws
[2018/11/16 17:48] BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl: And Jilley you should be wondering whose nuts are in my chipmunk’s cheeks

[2018/11/16 17:55] BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl: Jilley you almost have an ass in these pants
With Bella, Sammy, and Taema
Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
The theme for this show was empowering women. We talked about it for a while and decided on Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. We like the story behind the song, about a strong woman, exciting, dealing with the trouble that many women have to deal with head-on. After selecting the song, we talked about different sets that had to do with empowering women. We came up with the 19th Amendmend – the women’s right to vore. This was one of the most significant changes for women in the 20th century. So, we build a poling place – with protest signs and such. Since it’s Girl on Fire, we wanted to incorporate fire into the dance routine. So we added a second set – volcanos, fire, and some very cool avatar costumes.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
Building the volcanos and molten lava – it took some time to fine something that looked real. Creating the signs and a pose to hold the signs (protest) in the correct position for the first scene. Then of course the choreography and movement.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
This is a powerful song that celebrates the strength of women – we tried to communicate that with our routine.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
We wanted it to be fun and for people to dance in their chairs with us as we perform the routine.

[17:17] SarahRho Huntress: adam water skii’s on a sock, interesting conception
With Diawa, Gracie, Jo, and Lina
Makeba by Lain

[17:18] nara1: Hello everyone except Corri and Paul
With Dear and Kellyx
Apply, Artist: Glasser

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
Honestly… I just love the beat, the feel and the sound of the song. Gets you right ‘there’ ya know? LOL

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
Yes, the dang raked stage. I was trying something out and made it really hard on myself. But this is one of the first sets that I used only my own particles so that was something I was working on.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
Just that women have been badass for a very long time. We can hunt that dino and fry it up in a pan.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
I hope they enjoy it. It was fun to build and if it brings a smile, it was a success.

[17:21] Adam3 Magic: Dear in the headlights!
With Jo, Beebs, Gracie, and Lina
Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls) [Lyrics] HD

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
This was a song I did a set to a long time ago and it never looked like I wanted it to. This theme was a perfect opportunity to try again.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
Getting it to look like I pictured it to, that is always a challenge. Bringing my vision to life.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
Just for fun, Beyonce kicks ass.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Girl Power! Who runs the world? GIRLS!

[2018/11/16 18:41] Queenie Acacia: im wearing a cup
[2018/11/16 18:41] GracefulLove: its all hanging out
Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
THE THEME WAS WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT AND I PICKED THE SONG MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN. The whole expression is a celebration of being a woman these days, I think we’re kind of spoiled in a lot of ways, with the advantages we have. Feminists may not feel that way, but I do. It’s pretty darn fun to be a woman.

2. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
I think that it pretty much says it all I can dress as I want and do as I want and no one is there to suppress me or my desire to be a woman.

3. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
That women are equal to men in all ways we are smart, talented, brave and very courageous that is why we give birth not men they could not handle it LOL.

[2018/11/16 18:38] Greenie Flanagan: Paul do you still want to sing that song?
[2018/11/16 18:38] Paul Woodrunner: Kelly…………
[2018/11/16 18:39] Greenie Flanagan: go ahead…take the mic
[2018/11/16 18:39] Jilley Resident: he can sing the next song Kelly
[2018/11/16 18:39] Jilley Resident: no wait…..Wiz will
[2018/11/16 18:40] Jilley Resident: he has already asked Mikiko where she got her outfit from
With Roo, Lina, Taema and Victory
Little Mix – Salute

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
This was a song that I wanted to do when I first started to dance (Little Mix – Salute) and when I found out the theme for tonight’s show I thought it would fit perfectly.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
Gremlins! haha well, I am not sure if they were SL gremlins but I had a few issues with the platforms moving out of line when raising from my stage. I fixed and moved them lower but then one of my flags disappeared in the process (I think Roo stole it as it was the flag for Australia, so if you see her running around waving a flag, you know where she got it lol).

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
This is a fun set with some girl power thrown in which symbolizes the strength of women and how we can be strong, tough, independent, yet feminine and sexy.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Just that it took a lot of time and some headaches to create but was fun. Like I said earlier, this was the first song that I ever wanted to do but because I loved it so much I wanted the set to be great! So this is the second version of this set that I have built lol I am happy with how it turned out and I hope everyone enjoys it. I want to thank all my ladies for dancing with me and for helping make my set come to life!

[2018/11/16 18:45] Murhdur: Booty like a caddy
With Everyone

[2018/11/16 18:56] Elayn: Hey Kelly, don’t spear Wiz.. we need him!
[2018/11/16 18:57] Greenie Flanagan: Ill just leave a lil mark
Roar Katie Perry

[2018/11/16 18:59] Elayn: c’mon Kelly, he’s wearing a white suit and all..
[2018/11/16 18:59] Elayn: and I’m not sure if he’s into all that
That’s My girl – Fifth Harmony

[2018/11/16 19:00] Wiz Nirvana: If I was it wouldn’t be this public…
[2018/11/16 18:59] Jilley Resident: no touching the Wiz
Nasty – Janet Jackson

[2018/11/16 19:00] Jilley Resident: or you will feel the wrath of his feather duster
[2018/11/16 19:00] Elayn: see. there ya go. MammaJilley said so. LOL

[2018/11/16 19:02] Jilley Resident: and Web had her head in Klondikes ass
[2018/11/16 17:25] Storm Bohemian: and yes it’s worth camming!

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