Attention Elysium Staff, Choreographers, Dancers

Hi Elysiums! As you may know, Elysium’s Sixth Anniversary is coming up on December 7th. This year is extra special cause the actual day is on a Friday. Six years of anything in SL is a long time. Here is some important information for all Elysium staff, choreographers, and dancers.

Some of you contributed photos of your dances to a project I am working on for our celebration. Thank you for participating. If you do not see the pictures you sent to me in the finished product, it is most likely because the picture you sent to me was way too small and looked really fuzzy when stretched to the needed size, or I had my own picture of your dance that I used, or the shape of your pic did not fit my project (long, skinny pics looked awkward), or your pic was more a ‘profile’ style pic or static pose and not a pic of you dancing on the Elysium stage. I ran into all of these issues when working on this project. But, I have a lot of pics and have been able to create something nice for the anniversary. I have tried to include everyone to the best of my ability. I hope you will enjoy it.

ANYONE who would like to say a few words for Elysium’s anniversary, please NC what you would like to say, title it: Elysium Anniversary (Your Name), and drop it to me. This will become part of the project I am working on and will include your Elysium “angel” pic or a profile pic if you do not have/want an Elysium “angel” pic made. Perhaps you would like to say some words of appreciation to our audience, to the people you work and dance with, to your other halves who support you in your dancing, or to Elysium staff who keep the shows running. Or perhaps some words of appreciation to your mentor/s, your inspiration… whatever moves you. At the very least, you could comment on what a fine ass I have. EVERYONE is welcome to participate in this. The deadline for this is 11pm SLT, Friday, November 23rd. That’s this Friday. So anything that you want to say, this is your chance.

I am doing a very special Anniversary Dance to Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way” in celebration of Six Years. If you wish to dance in this dance, I need you to IM me and let me know. Remember, IMs sometimes get ate by SL. I will reply to your IM. If I do not reply, then resend because I did not get it.

I guess that’s it for now.



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