A Look at Elysium’s Vegas Theme Show of February 22, 2019

It was a big night in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road as DJ Gunner returned to Elysium Cabaret! The Gman has been doing a huge job in RL that just finished, so he is back until the next big job, and he returned full-on, not only DJing the show but dancing in one of the acts AND doing an act of his own. Plus we saw the debut of a new choreographer, Tiggy. Elysium Cabaret went to Vegas tonight… money and gambling, The Strip, showgirls, and of course Siegfriend and Roy with their white tigers! Lots of magic, fun and friendship, laughter. Let’s take a look.

But first! A Golden Tweezers Award duet to Gman and Eva for this little bit of outrageous:

[17:49] masterperry: Meatloaf sung our wedding song 🙂
[17:49] EvaHarley: please say it wasn’t 2 out of 3 ain’t bad gunner…

Okay, that was really funny. CONGRATULATIONS YOURS AND EVA!
Lina just sizzles, a steamy slow roast!
Money Money – Suzana d’Amour

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
I listen to Pandora a lot, and when this song came on the set just came to life in my head. Originally it was a pit show act, but with the Vegas theme, I knew it would be perfect to bring to the Empire Room stage.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
This dance being modified from a 9m round stage to a full stage act was a tough adjustment.

3. What does this dance mean to you?
This song is just pure fun and sexy and burlesque, which is no secret that I just love.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Just sit back and enjoy

With Babypea
It’s 007 on the game floor with a femme fatale who is going to get a taste of her own medicine! Bugga!
Caro Emerald – Back it Up

The debut of Tiggy… welcome aboard! She’s got more than a Jack up her sleeve… well down her bodice!
AC/DC – She’s got the Jack

With Babypea, Britt, Bianka, Evangelina, and Taema
Jilley and a bevy of statuesque beauties!
ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas

With Diawa. Corri, Eva, Jo, Lina, and Queenie
Nara and her girlz sparkle the 24k stage with some fabulous choreo and enticing costumes!
Bruno Mars ’24k Magic’

With Web, Gunner, and Paul
Rawwwwrrrrrrr! Magic and white tigers. For the record, the guys are wearing faux fur 😀
Mind Is the Magic – The Siegfried & Roy Las Vegas Show

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
It was a Vegas theme night and I wanted something other than the usual Vegas songs/acts. I was looking for something a bit unique, and well Siegfried and Roy are SO Vegas… their white tigers are Vegas icons. I was stoked when I found the song.

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
I had a hard time with it because, I don’t like the way Michael sang it. I love his music but I felt his vocals were weak on this… almost like he was mumbling. So it was hard to get into the choreo for it. But it was a great showman song for a Vegas act.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
To me, it means Vegas. For years, I have associated white tigers with Vegas. I lived there for seven years, my family still lives there, and Siegfried and Roy mean a lot to me as well. They are such caring, sincere people and so dedicated to their white kitties.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Roy has said repeatedly that Mantecore (the tiger who allegedly attacked him in 2003) was NOT attacking him, but rather he was having a stroke on stage and the tiger sensed he was in trouble and was trying to move him to safety, dragging him along the way a tiger would move its young… by the neck. I do believe Roy in this, he would know his own tiger better than anyone. Just a human neck is not as strong as a tiger neck, and flesh is more tender than fur. But I do not believe the tiger was attacking him, otherwise he’d most likely be dead.

“I got a stroke and I fell down, and I see these blue eyes staring looking at me,” said Roy. “I was like, ‘What now? What happened?'”
“He picked me up by the neck and got me to the side so he’d know I’d be safe — like a mother with a cub. He took care of me.”
Roy told us that had Mantecore not severed his artery to relieve the blood pressure, he could have gone brain dead.


When Mantecore passed at age 17, Roy said the tiger was like a brother to him. I think that is beautiful.

With Everyone
With a set by Web, fabulous songs and kickin’ choreo, Dear took the entire venue to Vegas!

Katy Perry – Waking Up In Vegas

INXS – Pretty Vegas

Human League – A Little Less Conversation

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