Elysium Cabaret’s Show of May 10th 2019

We had birthdays galore, boxing ‘roos, friendship and laughter! We had wine and champagne, caviar and cracked crab, petit fours and chocolate-covered strawberries. We were friends, families, complete strangers who would be friends by night’s end. In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, with Paul welcoming arriving guests, DJ Gunner warming everyone up and getting us all bouncing in our seats as we waited for the curtain to open. With The Wiz patrolling the dressing rooms and making sure things were in order for the show, I had a feeling, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

It proved to be a rough night, SL was being mean, but that’s alright, we were among friends and having fun anyway. And we danced.

Welcome to the weekend!

Queenie, Zena, Jo, and SoCo
Sugar – Maroon 5 with Andrew Sisters Lollipop Dubstep intro

With Bella, Jorgio, Corri
Rag’n’Bone Man – Human

With Corri, Lina, Alexis, Taema, Adam, Babypea, SoCo, Bella, Nadi, Ame, Jo, Queenie, Baby Pea, Bella, Ray, and Paul
The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)

with Gunner, Jacob, Oz and Web
Charlie Puth – Betty Boop but the drop is good


With Everyone

1. Queen – Flash

2. Star Wars: Daddy Song | Parody | Screen Team

3. Star Wars Call Me Maybe

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