Elysium Cabaret May 17th 2019 Show

If it’s Friday night, it’s Elysium Cabaret!! Friends, family, and strangers that would be friends come the end of the night flocked to The Empire Room on Copperhead Road to find warm greetings from Paul and Jilley. They took their seats and bounced as DJ Gunner warmed up the room with his tunes. Tonight really was a good night, super smooth show, and a heap of fun. Let’s take a look, and WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!
Water and light dance with Nara in a beautiful tribute to a legendary song, and look at that costume!
Unchained Melody by Garath Gates

Mikiko proves she can go badass!
With Zena
Willyecho – Welcome to the fire

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
Sometimes I love to do strong powerful songs. The song right away brought fire to mind so made the set and used costume assist to add fire to our bodies for a dramatic effect.

2. What does this dance mean to you?
Just a fun strong song to dance to. Powerful.

3. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Sometimes strong powerful songs put ideas into your head for your set really fast compared to some others that take a little more thinking.

Corri really is a naughty little girl and DAYUM she smoaks!
Robin Barrett – Naughty Little Girl

The entrance and exit to this dance is a must-see!
With Ewan
One Kiss

Kelly and friends bouncing us all with this infectious song and dance!
With Taema and Mikiko
Jennifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud

Kelly said I could share on the blog what she shared with the group tonight during the show. Here it is:
[18:41] Greenie Flanagan: so I have to say a few things here…bare with me. Taema has been my mentor from the start and was the one who helped me and let me do my first dance in SL and I have always wanted her on stage beside me in one of my dances but I thought she hated doing that so I never asked…wow was i wrong so today was a dream come true to have her beside me on stage. Mikiko you are just one of the sweetest kindest people I have ever met and you always make me feel so honored to dance with you so it was a treat to get to ask you to join me tonight….Just a little mention if you ever need a gorgeous gal in your dance who is very professional, kind and supportive I highly recommend asking her to join you. to Web and DQ raffles and Johnny from Paragon…I won the raffle for the Salsa dances that inspired this dance and somehow everything clicked in to place and in less than a day and a half this dance went from not the first clue to boxed and ready to go. I never ever ever work that fast. ok Im done…just thanks

Enchanting and dreamy, mesmerising and soooooooooo darn adorable with the littles!
With Web and Dear
P!nk “A Million Dreams”

Jilley is always amazing and a true Queen Badass!
With Antonio and Hailie
iRobot – Jon Bellion

Such a great set and fun songs, fabulous choreo!
With Everyone

Old town road remix

Sweet but psycho remix

Sucker for Barbie remix


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