Elysium Cabaret’s August 16th 2019 Show

Friday night! Gather one and all in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road for a night of dance performance from Elysium Cabaret! With thanks to talented choreographers, dedicated dancers, and hard-working staff, we dance in imaginative joy… welcome to the weekend! Let’s take a look!
With andytez
SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)

With Bella, Corri, Paul, Si, Seb, Jorgio, Cael, Corri
Toby Keith – As Good As I Once Was

With BabyPea, Beebs, Evangelina, Kelly, Hailie, Lina
One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head

Jilley, Nara, Soco, Diawa , Seb and Melvis
Beats Antique – The Lantern

1. Why did you choose this song to create a dance to? What was your inspiration?
I found a great belly dancing costume so I had to build a set and then went looking for a song and found The Lantern by Beats Antique which I love. The funny thing is I changed the costume along the way. Laughs

2. What were the particular challenges you dealt with when creating this dance?
Well the all the sits for the opening poses for 6 dancers were a challenge to get them to sit on the cushions and furniture. But apart from that it went smoothly.

3. What does this dance mean to you? Is it a bit of fun, or is there a deeper meaning?
Nope. It’s just wonderful music and it was fun to do a dance to it.

4. Is there anything you would like others to know about your dance?
Just enjoy it! All those sexy butts!

Panic Room – AU/RA

With Nara, Lina Babypea, Si, Jo, Rhonda and Sarah
Genesis Mix

Betty Davis – Let’s Get Personal


With Everyone

1. Red Solo Cup https://youtu.be/zr2LChnVf70

2. TOBY KEITH – I LIKE GIRLS THAT DRINK BEER https://youtu.be/Ur9az–X2io

3. Toby Keith – Whiskey Girl https://youtu.be/N44pIQ0fJKA

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