Elysium Cabaret’s Show of August 30th 2019

Elysium takes it to the zoo! It was ANIMAL CRACKERS at Elysium tonight, our monthly theme show featuring acts that incorporated the theme of animals. Either in the song, costume, set… or all of the above. Paul was buying the drinks, Jilley was providing the foot massages, Wiz was making sure all ducks were in proper rows, Gman was spinning the tunes, and Babypea was smoking out behind the dumpsters. We had some truly beautiful dances tonight, some super fun ones, and a lot of magic. Let’s take a look with thanks to our dedicated choreographers and dancers for the hard work, time and effort they put into bringing their very best to the Elysium stage. And a huge thanks to our cherished audience!! Welcome to the weekend!
With Web, Tempe, Gunner, Paul, and Antonio
The HU – Wolf Totem

With Kelly, Kyser, Nadi, Morganna, Sherry
Jungle Jive by Perform

With Jilley, Beebs, Jo, Eva, Cael, and Jorgio
The Jungle Book Soundtrack-Louis Prima ~ I Wan’na Be Like You

With Beary +1
Under The Sea & Baby Shark

With Web and Queenie
Pretty Flamingo – Rod Stewart

With Kelly, Eva
Psapp: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

With Jo, Mikiko, Queenie
Lindsey Stirling – Shadows



Shirley Temple : Animal Crackers In My Soup

Ylvis – The Fox (what does the fox say?)

AronChupa & Little Sis Nora – Llama In My Living Room

Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

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