Elysium Cabaret’s November 2nd 2019 Show

Sorry, my ass is dragging and my lips are stuck together (best we not discuss it), let it suffice to say, I am too tired to type. So I am going to post some pictures from the show. For the Official Historical Record. Other than that, all I can say is, WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND and THANK YOU to all our Elysiums, whether they are on the stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience. OH and can I just say that I love The Wiz. He is awesomeness. I would grab my ankles for him anytime.

Always so classy, ain’t I….

Ouuuuuuuuuuuu check out Eva’s set, I have bestowed a Golden Pea upon that act.  It was spectacular and SO much fun, please Eva can we do that one again some time!

With Nara, Melvis, Pea, Gunner, Paul, Morganna, Stoke, Kyser & Taema
Lalaland soundtrack Someone in the Crowd
Lina takes us back in time to a super fun, classic good time!

With Jo, Gracie, and Beebs
I See Fire-Celtic Women
Queenie fires up the feelings in a beautiful set!

With Andytez, Hailie, Mona, Jo, Jemma and +1
The 900 Number – Jump Around (Remix)
Melvis… is BADASS! He’s gone GANGSTA!

With Paul
Luck Be a Lady – From the Broadway show “Guys and Dolls”
performed by Frank Sinatra

Legendary song and a super fun, cheeky dance, very nice choreography… duet!

With Ginty and Sagia
Ivan Torrent – Leviathan (Epic Hybrid Orchestral)
Epic song, mystery and majesty, a performance full of magic a la Sarah!

With EvAngelina, Britt, Kelly and Taema
Ariana Grande – 7 Rings
Sultry, sexy, teasing in PANK! Love all the pank!


With Everyone

Pirate Mix
Eva totally wins a GOLDEN PEA for this act. It was over the top even for Eva, super fun, fabulous songs and WOW what a set… props for everyone including a sword, hat, eye patch and shoulder parrot… the choreo was a blast! Now, do not confuse the GOLDEN PEA with a Golden Shower, they are not the same thing. A Golden Pea just means Pea really super loved this act like over-the-top muchly.

It’s R!! Armed and ready!

Mona… we must all salute!

GEORGE THE PIRATE!! We had a celebrity in our midst tonight!

KITTEH… look, it’s a katfish!

The party bunch!

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