Elysium Cabaret’s November 15th 2019 Show

What a great show we had tonight! Good friends, great energy, and some of the finest dancing on the grid. Jilley has returned from her adventures on the high seas. Looks like they didn’t make her walk the plank. She and Paul greeted arriving guests who flocked to THE place to be a on Friday night in Second Life, THE EMPIRE ROOM on Copperhead Road. We had great music from DJ Gunner, The Wiz keeping things orderly backstage, and me trying to come to and look productive. Oh wow, I jumped tense with that sentence. That is grammatically incorrect! But never mind… take a look at some pics from the show, and WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!
With Si, Cowgrl, Misha, Melvis, and Stoke
Shatter Me Lzzy Hale/Lindsey Stirling
Amazing, complex dance with split-second tight choreography, excellent mover work, and lots of stage magic!

With Bella, Si, Jorgio, Stoke, Lina, BabyPea
Stairway to Gilligan’s Island
Gilligan and friends set sail and the seas got very rough!

With Pinky Stonecutter, Brittainy Collins, Savina, Lina, Sherry, and Hailie
These Boots Were Made For Walking – Nancy Sinatra
Guest performer Aryanna and gal friends did more than just walk, they danced us back in time!

With Kelly, and Mikiko
Bang Bang Boom Boom by Beth Hart
GOOD GAWD!!!!! MAMA!!!! This was hella sexy, to die for costumes, and the set… the choreo!! Absolute perfection!!

Pistol Annies – I Feel A Sin Comin On
It is so intoxicating when fans are used well in a classy burlesque tease, and Bianka nailed it, so enticing and scintillating. This is the first time I have ever used the word ‘scintillating’ in a sentence. I had to look it up, and yes, it is the word I was groping for.

With Ginty and Sagia
Don’t Stop Believin’ (Rock of Ages)
Bold colours and beautiful particle magic, the enigma that is Sarah enchanted the audience!


With Everyone

1. Havana – Camila Cabello

2. South of the Border – Ed Sheeran

3. Seniorita – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

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