Elysium Celebrates Seven Years – December 6 2019 Show

This was a very special Friday, even more than most Fridays because this celebrated SEVEN YEARS of Elysium Cabaret! It was our seventh anniversary show, actually the first show in our eighth year. And what a great show it was, every act was fabulous. Everyone brought their “A” game so to speak. I remember long ago, saying, “Well, we’ll give it three months and then see how things are, if they are not going well, we will just close down the troupe.” Seven years later, we are stronger than ever, with thanks to a whole lot of dedicated, talented people. A lot of dancers have found their feet on the Elysium stage. THANK YOU to everyone who has participated with Elysium over the years… whether you’ve been on the stage, behind the scenes or in the audience! Our choreographers, dancers, management, staff, fans, friends, family, audience… each of you has contributed to Elysium and we thank you and appreciate you!
‘Two Weeks’ by FKA Twigs

With Baby, Kelly, EvA, SoCo, Seb, Gunner, Si, and Hell
Salt n Pepa – Shoop

With Ginty and Sagia
EPIC POP | ”Can You Hear Me” by UNSECRET (feat. Young Summer)

With Jilley and Wiz
Think – Adam Lambert

With Kelly
Bishop Briggs – JEKYLL & HIDE

BLACK OR WHITE – Michael Jackson

With Web, Kyser, Gunner, and Kelly
Club Des Belugas – Straight to Memphis


Crowd Dances

Jennifer Saunders – Holding Out For A Hero

Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero
The Sassy Twins – Jemona!
3 doors down – kryptonite

Janji – Heroes Tonight


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