Elysium Cabaret’s December 13th 2019 Show

It was Friday the 13th but turned out to be a night of very good luck because the stellar talent of Elysium Cabaret presented another mesmerising show, featuring some of the greatest talent on the grid! Our cherished audience of family, friends, and people who we look forward to becoming friends, gathered in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, to be greeted by Paul and Jilley as well as DJ Gunner’s infectious tunes. We were missing Wiz tonight, who was tending RL, and we send him love and look forward to his return. In lieu of his presence, Pea took over, happily patrolling the backstage with the infamous feather duster AKA feather-tipped whip, making sure all performers were on their marks. Following are some pictures of what our lucky audiences got to see and be part of. What a lucky night! Welcome to the weekend!

Priceless Post: [18:31] Crap Mariner: it’s one thing to be on gunner’s naughty list, but santa’s naughty list? that’s baaaaaad.
With Bella, Beebs, Jorgio, Paul, Morganna
Wham – Last Christmas

With Baby, tempe VP, Kelly VP, mikiko
Karen Kamon Manhunt Flashdance

Silent Night by Peter Hollens

Mad World Adam Lambert

With Kyser, Kelly, BabyPea

With Ginty

With Antonio, Diawa and Nara
Angels from the Realms of Glory – The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens and David Archuleta


With Everyone

1. All I Want for Christmas Mariah Carey

2. Rock Around The Christmas Tree

3. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

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