Elysium Cabaret’s Holiday Show of December 20th 2019

Happy Holidays, from Elysium Cabaret! Tonight was our Holiday Magic show, danced with love. For me, it is a sweet Christmas, as I cut out a lot of the avarice from years past and am simply enjoying the feeling of the season. The lights, trees and decorations, feasts and cheer, family and friends, and fulfilling moments killing things and blowing shit up in Fallout 76. The best Christmas ever! Stay safe and be good to one another as we celebrate hope, peace, joy and love. Welcome to the weekend! Let’s take a look at the show, from The Empire Room at Copperhead Road with your hosts Paul and Jilley, your DJ Gunner, and our beloved Dance Manager Wiz, plus some of the finest, most dedicated choreographers and dancers in Second Life. Not to mention, the BEST audience! Lots of love to you all!!

As a side note, for the record:

I DO believe in Krampus, I do I do I do, I DO believe in Krampus, I do I do I do….
Mi Burrito Sabanero

Shel “Sandman”

With Tristan, Melvis Seb, SI, Kyser and Zach
Drummer Boy – Blake Mcgrath


Sia – Snowflake

With Antonio, Pea, Gracie and Tristen
Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers – Harry Connick Jr


With Everyone

1. jingle bell rock – rascal flatts

2. baby please come home – Lady Antebellum

3. deck the halls – SheDaisy


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