Elysium Cabaret’s February 21st 2020 Show

Creation was on overdrive at Elysium this week. This show was full of surprises. I have seldom seen a show with so many choreographers doing things that are completely different from the genre of music and style of act that they more typically create. Our cherished audience was treated to performances that inspired, delighted, and filled a mind with wonderment. I’ve seldom felt so small before such majesty. It was glorious! Thank you to our dedicated choreographers, our team of dancers, Paul, Jilley, and Wiz for keeping everything nailed together, and DJ Gunner for the tunes. A huge thanks and much love to our audience… thank you for letting us share our imaginations with you. WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!

I do wonder what was up with all the bananas at the show….

The after-party is really becoming a thing too, with thanks to Tempe and Jeni for dancing peeps and DJ Gunner spinning requests! Hanging out and enjoying a bit of socialising with music and dance… good fun!

Let’s take a look at some pics from the show.
With Nara, Diawa, Jilley, Pea, Bianka, Evangelina, Kelly, Soco
Take Me by Paloma Faith
Fabulous, must-see choreo and mover work, Lina always amazes!

‘Can’t say No”
Super cute and sassy, a touch of nostalgia and heaps of personality!

With Taema
Dragon Empress by Brunuhville special mix
WOW taken away to indescribable dimensions, leaving the mind in awe! I must bestow a Golden Pea upon this dance. It was mind-blowing. A Golden Pea, not to be confused with a Golden Shower, simply means it’s one of my new faves from this choreographer.

With Ginty and Jo
TheFatRat – Mayday (feat. Laura Brehm)
WOW Sarah… this was utterly captivating. Brilliant use of props and particles. A Golden Pea for you!

With EvAngelina
I’m Gonna Show You Crazy – Bebe Rexha
Colourful and lively, a dynamic set juxtaposed with dazzling particle magic and super fun choreo!

With Kelly and Web
You don’t Know me by Jax Jones
Oh gawd this was so DARLING! Taema looked good enough to eat and the choreo for this was wonderful!

With SoCo, Queenie, and Melvis
Dancing through the Light – Yes
Another Golden Pea for this mesmerising performance!  I want to live in this dance. It was spell-binding.

Thank you Britt for dancing us all to such fun songs, and a very cool set!

With Everyone

1: Justin Timberlake & Timbaland – 4 Minutes

2: Madonna – Celebration

3: Vogue Walk For Me Remix

4: Bitch I’m Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj


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