Elysium Cabaret’s AHS Theme Show of April 24th 2020

If you love American Horror Story, The Empire Room on Copperhead Road was THE place to be tonight! Elysium Cabaret presented a special themed show featuring acts inspired by the American Horror Story series, and WOW what a night of the most deliciously creepy totally awesome, skin-crawling nightmare-inducing performances! Our visionary choreographers did not hold back, bringing the spirit of AHS to life on the Big Stage, with freaks, nuns, nutters, demons, witches, creepy dolls, ghosts, and all manner of macabre creatures. So be afraid and enjoy the rush! A few pics below, enjoy the highlights of the show! And hey….

Welcome to the weekend!
With Antonio, Pea, Jo, Lina, Stoke, Seb and Soco.
Name Game/Dominique Edit

With Taema, Morganna
American Horror Story “Murder House” – DollHouse

With Jo, Beebs, Jilley, Lina
House Of The Rising Sun (By Lauren O’Connell)

With Beebs, Nadi, Kyser, Web
Carousel by Melanie Martinez

With Jilley, Soco, Jo, Stoke, Lina, Queenie, Seb
Dubstep (American Horror Story Darklordz Remix)

With BB, Gypsy, Web, and Gunner
Bound – Mindless Faith


With Everyone

1. 1984: Deniece Williams”Let’s Hear it For The Boy

2. 1984: Wham “Wake Me Up

3. 1984: Bananarama “Cruel Summer”


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