Elysium Cabaret’s May 22nd 2020 Show

What a night, what a show, and so many unusual acts tonight! In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, with Paul and Morganna welcoming arriving guests, DJ Gunner spinning the tunes, and The Wiz wrangling the backstage chaos… Hailie opened the show with an astonishing routine, influenced by Asian style. Nara carried us away to a place of power and simplistic beauty, causing tears to fall. Jo delighted us with a gypsy romp in the woods. Gunner, inspired by Nettik and with thanks to Panda for helping with the costume, did a very unusual dance as a Crux! I love his ears! Then Misha heated up the venue with some of her sexy friends to in a classic burlesque presentation. Sarah did a very unique routine that crossed Asian style with heavy metal… a must see! Then Babypea was an innocent white rabbit being pursued in the woods by two VERY sexy Blutbad, for fans of the TV series Grimm. Eva finally tied up the night with a super fun, always stylish crowd dance where everyone was invited up onto the Elysium stage to PAR-TAY! WOW what a night! And HEY, welcome to the weekend!!

There was ONE incident… security had to be called when a certain R.obot malfunctioned and tried to dismantle the side door. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Let’s look at some pics from the show!
with Britt, Taema, Jo and Soco

Chill-trap Clozee – Koto

‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables
With Queenie, Seb and Si

La Cumparsita – Omar Khorshid

Bamforth and Whittaker – Dead Men
With Jilley, Eva, CG, Brittany

Christina Aguilera – Express
With Jo and Ginty

With Gunner and Zach

Wolves by Sam Tinnesz ft. Silverberg

With Everyone

Song 1: Footloose – Footloose

Song 2: Bohemian Rhapsody – Wayne’s World

Song 3: say a Little Prayer – Best Friend’s Wedding

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