Elysium Cabaret’s June 5th 2020 Show

I was freezing half to death in the Land Down Under, but the Elysium Stage in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road was heated up by some of the most creative dance performances on the grid. It was Friday night. Thank goodness for a chance to warm up from the performances of Elysium Cabaret! We had beauty, rhythm, class and style, plus a whole heap of sexy. This show welcomed Kyshra back to the Big Stage, we have sure missed her… she took a long break from SL, so good to have her back! We also wisely caged up the R.obot to keep her from Dismantling the stage.

Heaps of fun was had by everyone! Thank you to our hard-working and dedicated team of creative souls for sharing their talent. Thank you to our dedicated backup dancers. Thank you to Paul and Morganna, DJ Gunner, and The Wiz for all the hard work behind the scenes. And thank you to our cherished audience! A special shout-out to Sunset Quinnell for live-streaming the entire show! Thank you Sunset!
Now how about some pics from the show. And of course:
With Antonio, Si, Wiz, Kyser, Soco, Gracie, Jo, Jilley

Dive In The Water – Blake McGrath
With Adam

With Melvis, Hellrider, and Kyser

Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Seagar
With Britt and Hailie

Vogue by Madonna
With Zach, Si, Queenie, SoCo, and Dream Broker

Sadness (Dirty Dae Remix)
With Britt and Taema

Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande – Rain on Me
With Ginty and Jo

BABYMETAL – Tamashii no Rufuran (SU-METAL)

With Everyone

1. Prince – Let’s Go Crazy
Sunset Quinnell, who kindly live-streamed our show tonight! Thank you Sunset!
2. Eurythmics – here Comes the Rain Again Freemasons Remix

3. Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

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