Elysium Cabaret September 25th 2020 Show

What a great night this was! A super fun, super smooth show, our monthly theme show! The last Friday of each month, Elysium does a theme show, and tonight’s theme was Apocalypse. Such great acts, some unique and original takes on the apocalypse, and a debut all in one. I was especially impressed with the choreo in tonight’s show, it was exceptional. Detailed sets, fabulous costumes, and some slick mover work plus a heap of fun with our wonderful audience… extremely relaxing and a marvalous way to to welcome in the new weekend. We were Born Ready for a Revolution bringing about The End of the World which left us all Radioactive. You’d think that would give us some Bad Karma but we were Down with the Sickness, so even though there was No Manana, we were treated to an Explosion because we could Feel the Beat! Trust me, it worked beautifully in the show.

AND our new R.obot Security Guard was promoted to DJ during the crowd dances! Well at least she looked like the DJ. She did a great job keeping the party going. I stole this pick from R Dismantled cause well mine had grey in the background (my wretched rez issues). It’s nice to see the R.obot is behaving! This makes like two shows straight! *chuckles*

Thank you to our talented choreographers and dedicated dancers! Thank you to our behind-the-scenes staff who work so hard to make these shows possible… Paul, Wiz, DJ Gunner, and Morganna. And thank you to our cherished audience for coming out and helping us say:

With Gunner, Kyser, Taema
All Good Things – Born Ready
A tough crew of fighters who were born ready to defend their little piece of the apocalypse!

With Ginty
Always full of metaphoric artistry, Sarah inspires our imaginations!

With Eva, Taema
Billie Eilish ~ The End of the World
Extreme hawtness… those costumes are incredible!

With Sagia, Syykyr
Sia – California Dreamin

With Antonio, Eva Harley, Stoke, EvAngelina, Theron.
Elegy/Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Fabulous choreo and mover work, set and costumes!

With Jo and Morganna
“Bad Karma” – Gabbie Hanna
A debut featuring superb choreo and a very cool set. Welcome the the E stage Imogen!

With Si, Eva, Seb, Jilley, Antonio
Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
Super hawt guys and gals and the choreo for this was just fantastic!


With Everyone
Bianka always goes the extra mile to make dancing us amazing… what a cool set, particles, infectious songs, and slick choreo!

1. No Manana – Black Eyed Peas ft Alfa (custom edits)

2. Explosion – Black Eyed Peas ft Anitta

3. Feel The Beat – Black Eyed Peas ft Maluma


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