Elysium’s October 16th 2020 Show

What a great night! In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, where the Emperor himself Paul Woodrunner and his lovely Empress Morganna welcomed arriving guests for another fantastic performance by Elysium Cabaret! The Maestro Gunner von Phoenix had the orchestra performing splendidly as Master of the Robes Wiz attended details behind the royal curtain. By the way, it is a little-known fact the Master of the Robes is also Keeper of the Queen’s Swans. Apparently, Her Majesty has accumulated quite the flock of the delicate birds. And did you know that a group of swans is called a ballet, bevy, drift, herd, regatta, or whiteness? There is really no such thing as a flock of swans!

Our night proved most exciting! We had great songs, brilliant sets, divine costumes and a plethora of special effects. Hailie gave us a neon mind-trip, Adam danced in a place I found most comforting… a morgue… and then Ness took us on a fantasy journey through a chalk painting. Kyser brought the house down as heavy metal collided with medieval, then Sarah led us in a delightfully disturbing metaphoric meditation. This was followed by Aryana casting her voodoo upon us, and finally Britt and her girls got dirty. Thank you to all our visionary choreographers and dedicated dancers for sharing your fine talent on the Big Stage! Everything was going so well, until Babypea invited us all back to her house for a BBQ. And well, talk about trailer trash… that woman is the epitome of tacky. And she KNOWS it and she’s PROUD of it! She does it on purpose! I think she simply enjoys thumbing her nose at pretention. And she clearly takes great pleasure in upsetting the delicate sensibilities of the royalty.

Right when we thought it was safe to come out from backstage… you’ll never guess what happened!! A certain R. obot has regressed into former behaviour patterns! The Dismantled One had come so far… actually progressing from vandal to Head of Security… alas! Our hidden cameras caught the notorious R hiding in Babypea’s trailer, armed with a CHAINSAW! This called for immediate evacuation of the venue, as we had to call in a S.W.A.T. team to bring the situation under control. We are thankful to report no casualties. R has been sent for a tuneup… top up the oil, replace a few gaskets… should be good as new! Next week’s show will test the efforts.

Now on to some pics from the show. And of course:


Big thanks to R Dismantled for the photos, unless otherwise specified. To see all of R’s pictures from the show, check out the following Flicker link:


With Britt and Taema
Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Outta My Head

With Sagia and Syykyr
Halloween Theme


With Taema and Morganna

With Ginty and R and Seb
The Spiritual Machines – The Wreckoning

With Britt and Hailie

With Hailie, Taema, Baby, Jo
Christina Aguilara “Dirrty”


Below pics taken by Babypea.

Crowd Dances

Mousse T. vs. The Dandy Warhols – Horny As A Dandy


Master of the Robes WIZ joins the fun on stage after pegging out the costumes he has just laundered so that they can air-dry….


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