Elysium’s October 23rd 2020 Show

What a fun show this was! Everyone brought great acts, a lot of surprises, and a debut! We all had a great time, with thanks to the imaginations of some very talented people. And we raise our glasses to the dedication of our dancers. Much thanks to Paul, Morganna, and Wiz for all the hard work off the stage. And a big thanks to my own loveable bear, DJ Gunner. Our biggest thanks of all to our audience for coming out and helping us welcome in the weekend with an entertaining show followed by dancing everyone together. Tonight’s show was so relaxing. Let’s take a look at some pictures from it.

But first, we did have one disturbing incident during our crowd dances. It seems a certain R. obot had a bit too much to drink and passed out. Either that, or was playing with dirty cards and got caught and knocked out? Or worse? Don’t worry, we called in the electrician who has transported the Mechanical One to an Automatron workshop to get those circuits firing again, so the Notorious R should be back in the fray soon enough.

We give thanks to R Dismantled for the pics of tonight’s show! Except for the crowd dances, which were taken by some vagrant. Follow this trail to see more of R’s photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/isfullofcrap/albums/72157681703250966

Welcome to the weekend!!

With Gunner
Etta James – Got My Mojo Working

Oh boy! On the Bayou, tryin’ to get my man’s mind off his fishin’! Got my mojo workin’ but sure didn’t work on him!

With Jo, Nadi, Paul, Wiz
Zombie Apocolypse

Zombies in paradise! A big surprise, clever twist on the zombie theme… not what you’d expect! Such a fun act and super funny song!

With Cael
Neil Diamond – Thank The Lord For The Nighttime

Melli’s debut and WOW what a performance! She knocked our socks off, with heaps of effects and a flawless performance… scene changes, animesh, great costumes and choreo. She and Cael turned into bats at the end! It was darling! WELCOME ABOARD MELLI! Please make more dances!

Cederick Schoeman – One Last Dream

Our beautiful, sweet Nadi, the sweetest person in all of Second Life, showed us her inner demon… yet in her Nadi-way, her demon was also so sweet. A deeply-touching performance, beautiful song. Not your usual demoness!

Dance of Longing – from Mao’s Last Dancer – Christopher Gordon

Gawd this was gorgeous. So stylish and elegant, this was ART! Jo was utter breathtaking in this performance. It is one I hope to see again. Maginficient!

With Cowgrl, Nadi, Zena, Misha, Si
Creep Bedlam

Eva has a twisted something inside her, and it showed in this dance… and we loved it! This performance was so metaphoric and was one of those dances that makes you ponder. Beautiful yet sad, entrancing yet disturbing. This one is a masterpiece.

Paloma Faith – Warrior

Dear always brings the pretty. This was lovely and I love the colour use in this set. Great use of particles and such beautiful choreography.


With Everyone!

Now, Bianka had been wrangled to do the crowd dances, but she managed to escape through the air-conditioning vents right before the show. We do have bounty hunters on her trail. If you have any information that can lead to us recapturing her, please report it to an Elysium Admin. There could be a reward in it for you. Eva stepped up to fill in for the AWOL Bianka. I do not have her song names, but they were all related to GAMBLING! WOOT!

Alexis and Prestor
Graenadie Arrowmint

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