Elysium’s October 30th Freaky Friday Show

It was absolutely phantasmic! Spooktacular, freakalicious… Freaky Friday! The best Friday of the year cause it falls close enough to Halloween to be a great chance for the freaks to come out and play. Or in this case, dance and totally entertain the best audience in Second Life! And in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, Elysium Cabaret had it all. Sexy witches, freaks of all manner, and some of the creepiest scary monsters ever. Take a look at the pics! We had plenty of tricks and even more treats.

Sending a shout out to our Paul, who is in New Orleans without power at this time after Hurricane Zeta slammed into Louisiana and tore through America’s south-eastern states. Our thoughts are with all of the people who are suffering through the destruction Zeta has wrought. Over 2 million people without power… we are thinking of you and sending you our hope your power will be back on as soon as possible. People pulling together helping one another, as we wait for The Great One, our beloved Paul to come back online. I dread doing shows without him. Paul Woodrunner is the glue that holds Elysium Cabaret together. Thank you Wiz and Morganna for the extra help in getting the show on stage this week.

Update: Paul has electricity again, still waiting on internet. Fingers crossed it is soon! Hang in there Paul, but at least you have lights and can cook and turn on the heater!

In other news, a certain R. obot went berserk backstage BEFORE the show even started! The Notorious R was caught IN THE ACT brandishing a sledgehammer and dismantling Babypea’s rez box! She even poked her tongue out in a disdainful taunt during the attack, as evidenced in the third photo below. Security was called in and the rabid robot was rebooted and brought under control. Dancers backstage who witnessed the carnage are being treated for trauma. However, charges have not been pressed, as it was discovered the Dismantler was not in her right mind due to mistaking a bottle of bleach for oil during the pre-show warmup. Experts say ingesting bleach can short a robot’s circuits and cause erratic behaviour.

Now let’s take a look at pics from the show, courtesy R Dismantled, with our thanks! And to see more of R’s legendary pictures, take a look at her Flicker: https://www.flickr.com/photos/isfullofcrap/albums/72157681703250966


Oh, and then there was this….

Happy Halloween, everyone stay safe and have fun!

With Britt, Taema, Hell and Babypea
Gods and Monsters – Jessica Lange

Absolutely divine Hailie and some freaky friends perform my favourite version of this incredible song on the most amazing stage, complete with surprises and special effects!


Mikiko shows us that spooky and sexy have more in common that ‘s’ and ‘y’! Isn’t she gorgeous, and that set is breath-taking! I do love this song as well, have never heard it before.

With Hell, Jo, Hailie and Taema
Rob Zombie “Living Dead Girl”

Britt and friends have never looked sexier! Rising from the dead and dancing in the graveyard to one of my favourite Rob Zombie tunes of all time, wouldn’t you just love to join that party!

P!nk – Just Like Fire

I do love this dance. Misha really went to the outer limits with little surprises, special effects, love the costume, this one was freaktastic!

With Britt and Hailie
Hocus Pocus Medley

Taema and her girls made quite the entrance in this, and have you ever seen such sexeh witches before! Scene change, detailed sets, and delish choreo, wouldn’t you love to baste in these gals’ cauldrons!

With Ginty, R, and Seb
OZZY OSBOURNE – “No More Tears”

Sarah always goes the extra mile on her detailed sets with hidden messages and is the QUEEN of animesh. She delivered with plus-points on this one. I really love the choreo on this, and just LOVE Ozzy, especially this song! I just HAD to add an extra pic cause… OZZY! *bows deeply*

Cristina Aguilera – Haunted House

If anyone can make wicked enticing, it’s Bianka, as she conjured a spell and cast it on the entire audience with this performance… uber sexy, classy, and mesmerising, and what a totally marvellous set!

With: Web, Britt, Gunner, Hell
Timmy Trumpet & Savage – Freaks

Well… someone has to bring the ugly and no one does ugly better than the Pea… and this dance was grotesque but SO FUN! Yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person.


Our Eva never holds back when she is hosting the party, and she brought the spooktacular tunes and danced us all, what a treat this was! Super fun for everyone, thank you so much Eva!

With Everyone

Alice Cooper – Man Behind The Mask

Skillet – Monster

Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family

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