Elysium’s November 13th 2020 Show

What a great show this was, everyone brought their A-game… the very best! Visionary choreographers graced the Big Stage in The Empire Room on Copperhead Road with imaginative creations that took each of us on a special and unique journey. With thanks to our dedicated and patient dancers without whom our performances would not be complete. And thanks to the best audience in SL, our dear friends and family! Much love and joy to you all. Big thanks also to Paul, Morganna, our beloved Wiz, and my Laird, the Gman. Also a huge thanks to R Dismantled for taking these pictures for us! To see more of R’s pics, check out her Flicker at https://www.flickr.com/photos/isfullofcrap/albums/72157681703250966

We are still having trouble keeping the Notorious R off the bleach:

In other news, tribute was paid to what some consider the best ass in SL. Now, this is subjective. Todrick Hall *bows head in a moment of respectful silence* would certainly disagree. But many who know her on a very personal level could not agree more, she might not be the biggest ass but she is certainly the best ass. IS or HAS? Now THAT’S debatable *snorts*. But she likes being an ass. Someone has to be responsible for it.

Now, without further silliness, let us adjourn to the pics from the show. And of course, WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!!


Web and Pea
With Bianka, Beebles, Mikiko
Kelly Clarkson – Medicine

Web’s tribute to Babypea’s ass. Featuring a Web-created set including handmade textures!

With Britt, Haillie, Hell, Kyser, Wiz, Zach
Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels by Todrick

The guys have never looked more fabulous!

“Me the Machine” – Imogen Heap

Metaphoric magic, a must-see performance!

Dimie Cat -Gee, Doctor

Always exceptional, Bianka is just a naturally mesmerizing creator!

Gold – Pentatonix

The wizard of choreo, The Wiz always touches my soul!

With des Acropolis and 69emma96
Reichi ”Uchira”

A new and exciting dance discovery, incredibly talented!

With Ginty and R
Ozzy Osbourne – All My Life

Sarah’s dark and enchanting stage magic!


With Everyone!

Robbie Williams | Party Like A Russian

Baboushka – Italo dance mix

AronChupa & Little Sis Nora – The Woodchuck Song

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