Elysium Cabaret’s November 20th 2020 Show

What a great show it was, Friday night in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road. Paul and Morganna welcomed arriving guests with champagne as DJ Gunner warmed everyone up with his pre-show playlist. Backstage, our talented, dedicated dancers were busy stretching out, warming up, putting on makeup and costumes, as The Wiz patrolled with feather duster in hand to keep all little ducklings in a row. A huge thanks to our team, their dedication is exemplary! And our choreographers… so creative and imaginative! We greatly appreciate them sharing their talent on the Big Stage. Smooth and professional, a huge thanks to the entire Team Elysium for such a fun show. Let’s take a look at some pictures from the show, with thanks to R Dismantled. To see more of R’s amazing photography, check out this link:


This show we had a Welcome Back Corri and Hell’s first solo on the Big Stage. Congratulations Hell, we are so looking forward to seeing more of your performances!

And as always….


With Eva, Aspen, Si & Cael

With Evangelinastar, melina, Petina, BabyPea, Beebs
Sybrid – Wargirl (feat. Tatiana Shishkova)

With Britt, Haillie, Hell, Melvis and Taema
Any One Seen My Baby by Roling Stones

AOWLNATION – “Sail Unlimited Gravity Remix”

With Misha Selene, Corri, Koyia, Cowgrl, Si, Diamonte
La La La, Shakira

with Britt, Taema, EvA and Beebs
Christina Aguilera – Loyal, Brave and True

With Ginty
Thomas Bergersen – You Are Light (feat. Felicia Farerre)


With Everyone

Little Sis Nora – FUN

Betta Lemme – PLAY

Dragonfly, Fatman, ft. Pitbull – ROCK THE BOAT

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