Elysium’s March 12th 2021 Show

I haven’t blogged a show in a while, I’ve been taking a break cause I am old, tired, sick, trying to quit smoking, dieting, husband had open heart surgery, RL has been overtaking me… take your pick! But it’s a combination of everything, so I decided some things will have to go on the back burner. But I am awake for once, so here we go, a look at tonight’s show, which was FANFREAKINGTASTIC! Every act was brilliant. Great sets, dazzling costumes, and brilliant choreography… what a joy to share in this creativity, to get to behold these performances! Thank you choreographers for sharing your visions and dancers for your dedication and reliability. And a huge THANK YOU to our cherished audience for coming out and letting us dance for you!

Let’s take a look at the show with a few pictures. If you missed it, hopefully we will see you next week. Everyone stay safe, be kind to one another, and of course….


With Britt and Babypea
Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (DJ Melli Mix)

Super slick set and darling, sexy costumes! Melli’s creativity was on overdrive!

Unknown Lands

Breath-taking performance, enchanting music! Ness left everyone in the venue spell-bound.

With BabyPea, Eva H, Kyser, Jo, Nadi
Swan Fun Special Mix

SO FUN! What a great sport Taema is, and what a blast this dance was! Taema is SO CUTE in this performance!

With Melli, Cael, Paul, Morg, Britt, Hell
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies- Zoot Suit Riot

Really superb choreography and great costumes on this! One of Ariel’s best-ever.

Chaka Khan – Like Sugar

Bianka’s creativity is phenomenal, and this dance proves it again. So original! Where does she find these props?! Dancing sugar cubes, and I must have one of those cars in RL!

With Ginty, R
Poppy – I Disagree

Gorgeous dance, superb choreo that was very unique. Subtle effects… just mesmerizing!

With Gunner, Paul, Cael, and Kyser
Puscifer – The Mission

Sexy guys! I got to be the hussy! And well we are going to raise some hell. As soon as we finish our dance.


With Everyone

Really fun for all of us, fabulous choreographry and a super cool set, what a great way to finish off the night!

Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland – 4 Minutes

Madonna – Vogue Walk For Me Remix

Madonna – Bitch I’m Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj

Madonna – Girl Gone Wild

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