Elysium Cabaret March 19th 2021 Show

Oh what a night, what a show! Some of the most beautiful, magical acts… the ingenious choreographers of Elysium Cabaret have stretched their imaginations and reached into the limitless potential of virtual dance to mesmerize us all with their nuanced performances. We are grateful for these generous souls who share their passion for dance with us each week, as well as the dedicated dancers who help bring their visions to life. People probably get tired of me saying THANK YOU, I suppose after a while it may come across as trite, but considering gratitude is one of the secrets of happiness, I can’t say it enough. And a big THANK YOU as well to Gunner our rugged DJ, Wiz our Stage Manager, Morganna our Hostess and Spirit Guide, and Paul Woodrunner, the hardest-working guy I’ve ever worked with. If there is any unsung hero in dance, it’s Paul. I know what goes on behind the scenes, and I know the level of his dedication as well as his work ethic and the sacrifices he makes to bring quality performances to the Big Stage every week. Paul is the force that keeps Elysium moving, breathing, week after month after year. Quietly overseeing the shows, encouraging and cheering on the performers, organizing thousands of busy details, lifting spirits… Paul is the oxygen that Elysium breathes.

Let’s take a look now at some pictures from the show.

Welcome to the weekend!

Now we are Free

See You Again

“Tokyo Sunrise” – LP

With Britt and Taema
Elle King – Good Girls

Dimie Cat – Jellybabe

With Melvis, Seb, Britt and Nadi
Moon River – Barbra Streisand

With Ginty and R
NEFFEX – Bad Girls


With Everyone

Huge apologies to our Eva!  I missed getting any crowd dance pics this week, and apparently no one else got any either.  Prolly cause everyone was having too much fun!  Eva outdid herself, doing a St. Patrick’s Day set, complete with a rainbow, pot of gold, and a leprechaun!  She gave everyone a variety of green top hats and bowlers to wear, plus the most darling bubble pipes, in a variety of colors.  And then surprised us all with shamrocks!  Eva, you are amazing… what a fun party that was!  Thank you so much for always going the extra mile for all of us!

Flogging Molly – Devils Dance Floor

The Gobshytes – Bloodshot

Barrels of Whiskey – The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats


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