Elysium’s April 9th 2021 Show

For the record, I am still quitting smoking!  Maybe some day I will finally finish.  Prolly not.  Especially on a Friday, cause I get all excited, it’s show time!  We had an amazing show tonight, with every act being fabulous.  Each choreographer brought something unique and special to the stage.  It was truly a joy and a privilege to share the Big Stage with these people.  Have a look at some pictures, and of course:

Welcome to the weekend!

Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side of Heaven

Muse created an incredible dance experience for the audience, with scene changes, costume changes, and enchanting special effects!

With Britt and Morganna
Bitch I’m Madonna

Colourful neon set, gorgeous gals in the most darling outfits, great choreo and a pleasing smattering of particle magic!

Graffiti6 – Free

What a dynamic, stylish set! Classy colours, understated and simple elegance combined with a touch of magic and a great set of cheeks! Look at how they compliment Dear’s lips and nose….

With Melli, Jo, Seb, Si
Miley Cyrus– Maneater

We always knew this about Queenie, didn’t we. Men in cages! Hungry women! What could be better! And really fabulous use of lighting effects and subtle glittery detail.

With Britt, Taema and Beebs
KDA – Popstars

These gals made an entrance that was uber fab, and aren’t they beautiful! Such a colourful set, very cool scene change, yes they sure are popstars, and Hailie outdid herself AGAIN!

Gin Wigmore – Black Sheep

Sometimes we just can’t wait, I find this gets worse as I get older.

With Beebs, Melli, Taema
Twerking in the Rain by Todrick Hall

I gave this dance a Golden Pea award. Not to be confused with a Golden Shower, Golden Pea means it’s my new fave Bianka dance. SO creative… sexy, fun, full of detail! I love those fish, what a riot!


I really wish I didn’t have these rez issues, especially with crowd dances. Thus I am hesitant to post ANY pics from it. Sorry about the grey, folks. But at least Britt and Hell rezzed!

With Everyone

Thank you to Web for this pic in which everyone has rezzed!

Brooks & Dunn – Hillbilly Delux

Brooks & Dunn – Play Something Country

Ladies Love Country Boys – Trace Adkins

Thank you again, Webula for another fully-rezzed pic!

HillBilly Bone – Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins

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