Elysium’s May 21st Show in Pictures

WOW what a show! Really good energy tonight, very smooth show and some of the finest acts to ever grace The Big Stage, in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road. Elysium’s choreographers really brought it tonight! What did they bring? Creative expression of a bevy of emotions, feelings, and values. It was one of those shows that felt really well-balanced, varied yet cohesive. Everything just fit. And it was fantastic! Huge thanks to our visionary choreographers, dedicated dancers, and all the hard-working behind the scenes staff! Especially my Wiz. I love my Wiz. Not that he’s mine, but ya know, I do love our Wiz, and depend on him so much.

And, the happiest news, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Hailie and Quient, who are soon to become husband and wife! SO happy for this beautiful couple, and wishing them many years of joy and a celebration of a shared life with one another. I couldn’t be happier if it was my own daughter getting married!

Meanwhile, back to the show, we will need to explain this:

Calm down Michael, things are not always what they appear to be! It sure lit up my eyes. Dear can explain… just below. Take a look, and of course:


With Quient, Britt, Taema
Avril Lavigne – I Fell in Love with the Devil

Hailie was actually our closing act tonight, in a very emotional and super sexy tribute to her new love, Quient!

The Weeknd – Save Your Tears

Things are not always what they appear to be… sometimes we need more information! See pic below!

Tracy Lawrence & Luke Combs: If the World Had a Front Porch

Hell brought us some down-home country values!

Body Language by Queen

Melli was our closing act tonight, and she did it with style and a heap of eye-popping sexeh! Uber cael!

Halo” by J2

A very emotional and metaphoric creation from the magical Sarah!

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Opening & Requiem by AUN J-Classic Orchestra

This act is a must-see… cherished guest Sakura told the most beautiful story in her dance that was full of magic and enchantment! What a beautiful dancer she is.


Bianka always shows us all such a great time, super fun songs, superb choreo, and a totally trippy set!

With Everyone!

Marnik, Tiscore – Hold Me

Kris Kross Amsterdam – Early In The Morning ft. Shaggy & Conor Maynard

Boney M. x Pitbull – Rasputin’s Hotel Room Service

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