Elysium’s June 4th 2021 Show

WOW what a Friday this was! We are blessed with some very talented creators at Elysium, but tonight’s show was extraordinary. Each act was so different, so unique, but every one of them had special elements that really made them stand out on a level of excellence that widened my eyes and made me go WOW! I don’t know where people keep getting such clever ideas from, but I really enjoy beholding the fruit of their imaginations. Just take a look at the pics below! A huge thanks to our genius choreographers, our dedicated and hard-working dancers, and our troops behind the scenes who all together make the show happen each week. And of course, most of all, a huge thanks to our cherished audience, who are part of our shows! Wouldn’t be much of a show without them! Enjoy this look at our show, and of course, WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!

Oh, and WELCOME BACK DIVA!! Yes, folks, Divalin has returned to Elysium and this time she will not be allowed to escape… we have informed security to block all exits. We are keeping her!

Halsey – Without Me

This mesmerizing performance was a layered presentation in blue, a heavenly visit to a place of majesty and magic blended with sensuous desire.

With: Hell and Hailie
Maroon Five “Beautiful Mistakes”

What a cool set! Very creative and unique, including the costumes and choreo… just fascinating! Everywhere you look, there is something interesting.

MEDUZA Biome Propaganda

Always so imaginative, Ness put a spell on the entire audience with this captivating snake dance!

With: Melli, Morganna, Beebs, Britt, Ariel, Eva
Dreamscape – Evolution

An enchanting set that draws the audience in, and beautiful ladies all in white contrasting so brilliantly, this performance was a delight to the senses!

Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the Ocean

The very handsome, totally intoxicating Wiz took us on a metaphoric journey with this song, costume and trippy choreo! Gawd I love that hair on him and the glasses!

With: Si, Eva, Diamonte, Britt, Hell
Disturbed – Down With the Sickness

The choreo in this was so exacting, it was a joy to watch such tight sequencing. And Misha steams in this performance! Plus she got Diamonte back on the Big Stage šŸ˜€

Julie Massino – Magic

How delicious is this? Rosie presented an incredibly sensuous dance while remaining tantalizing classy, fabulous choreo, gorgeous costume, an irresistible performance!

Lady Gaga – Stupid Love

It has been my joy and privilege to watch Hailie become a powerhouse in virtual dance, and this performance shows why… a creative, unique set, darling costumes, and tight choreography plus a super fun song! I’m a fan!


We love Eva! She is a godsend on so many levels. Her crowd dances are always a great time for all, and she always comes through and saves the show when there is a need. From DJing, to filling in an open spot in the line-up, Eva is solid and a team player on every level. Thank you Eva!

With Everyone

Splish Splash

Twenty-One Pilots vs Melanie Martinez ā€“ Soaped Out Mashup

Nicole Scherzinger ā€“ Wet

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