Elysium’s June 11th 2021 Show

Here we went with another Friday night, another spectacular show where every act was fantastic and each so unique, so much variety… something for everyone! There was much excitement in the air as our cherished guests gathered in the audience, choreographers and dancers backstage putting on makeup and adjusting costumes, Paul and Morganna greeting our arriving friends, DJ Eva warming up everyone with fabulous tunes, and The Wiz overseeing all. This show was magnificent, the epitome of VARIETY, and every act a headliner. Thank you to our Elysium family, choreographers, dancers, managers, DJ, and our audience! WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!! Here is a look back at the show.

With Hailie
Another Love Song Ne-Yo

The new talent in the virtual dance community, Quient is a must-see! What a great set with changing light effects, wonderful costumes, and the choreo was so tight! I am so pleased to have this exciting performer at Elysium, and can’t wait to see what he does next!

With EvA, Melli, and Jo
Irina Akulenko “Justice”

Britt gave us a hypnotic performance of belly dancers in an Egyptian pyramid to the most mesmerizing music, beautifully costumed dancers and choreo that was so enticing. Nice mover work and formations, a very enchanting dance and such lovely ladies!

Ashe & FINNEAS – Till Forever Falls Apart

Doesn’t Dear look enchanting? Magical, mysterious, dreamy… such a beautiful, wispy dance with delicate particles that enhanced the ethereal set, making me feel carried away on a golden mist. Isn’t she beautiful! Too bad her undies rezzed. Sometimes, my rez issues are a blessing!

With Britt, Eva H, Hailie, Nadi
Ram Pam Pam

It’s the E-Girls Basketball Team! Miss Taema and some very sexy friends heating up the court in a super fun production that got me bouncing in my real life seat! Very cool set change and such cute costumes, great choreo and love those particles! A very cheeky dance!

With Melli, Beebs, Imogen
Evanescence – Going Under

WOW this dance was a TRIP, way too cool, you’d have to see it to fully appreciate the mover work! Absolutely brilliant, very unique, stylish, and a real mind-bender as the neon squares moved along with the dancers… it was amazing! I want to smoke a fatty and watch it again!

With Quient
No Diggity – Vintage Jessica Rabbit- Style Blackstreet Cover ft. Ariana Savalas

Everyone knows Hailie made this dance for her love Quient, super steamy but always classy, glorious feathered fans… so romantic! And I love the vintage style! Isn’t she stunning! She went from the stage to a chair dance to dance with her husband, and did it all so smoothly!

With: Web, Dear, Lina, Jilley, Beebles
Radio Fish Perfect Human – Exile Tribe The Second

This was a totally high energy full-on badass dance by Pea and Web. Web built the set and organized the costumes, and Pea did the choreo and mover work. Downtown neon Tokyo, J-Pop tune, and some smoakin cyborgs exploded on the stage… it was super fun!


I love Eva, she is our rock, our can-do everything woman, and she is amazing! She always goes the extra mile with her crowd dances. This one featured tight choreography to some of the funnest songs, and we ALL got slimed! Eva also DJed the show tonight, talk about multi-tasking!

With Everyone

Besomorph – Toxic

BOO! Guess woo?!?

Toxic (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

The ever-graceful Wiz!

Slime After Slime

Eva slimed us all!

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters Remix 2021

They are trapped!

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