Elysium’s July 23rd 2021 Show

Well now! This was quite the night. Big celebration with RL birthdays for Annastazia and our Morganna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ladies, I will happily eat two cakes in your honour! DJ Gunner was warming up the audience with his infectious tunes as guests arrived, greeted by Paul and Morganna, champagne flowing freely. Backstage, The Wiz was making sure all the dancers were warming up, getting their makeup on, slipping into costumes, feathers and sequins, wigs and powder galore. I was out the back, smoking a fatty before slithering in through a side door and hopping into my giant cup of coffee, curtesy my beloved friend Cathy Cheveyo, where I soaked until the show started. We had a debut to look forward to, which was the debut of the legendary Jenna Dirval. So nice to have her here to share her creative vision on the Big Stage at Elysium! So, let us take a look at some pics from the show, which was spectacular, with some of the most imaginative dancing on the grid. With thanks to our choreographers and dancers, and a huge thanks to our cherished audience.

Welcome to the weekend!

Always fresh. Always hot. Cause I’ve been soaking me arse in it.

With Hailie, Pea, EvA, Stoke, and Diamonte
Ed Sherran – Cross me

Quient has been called a prodigy. He is new to dance but dances like he has been doing it for years, with fabulous sets, great costumes, tight choreography and excellent mover work. The choreo in this performance was fantastic!

Dan + Shay – Speechless

A beautiful set that invited us into Dear’s boudoir, where I planted cameras, and doesn’t she look breathtaking! Very romantic performance that left everyone speechless.

Trace Adkins – Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

What a fantastic set and superb use of animesh, plenty of onstage magic and the gorgeous Bianka tantalizing the audience with her bodacious badonkadonk!

With Yancy
Alannah Myles – Black Velvet

The wolves were howling tonight as Azdra gave us a sensuous and tantalizing, super sexy slow tease to one of my favourite songs! Velvety choreo, smooth and provocative.

With Quient
Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik – I Don’t Want to Live Forever

Hailie never fails to widen the eyes with her onstage magic and creative presence. This dance was so clever and super cool, full of emotion, creating desire as we waited in anticipation for these two dancers to get together!

Nina Simone / Feeling Good

Exacting choreography in an expression of joy and gratitude for the gift that is life, this dance felt like a blessing to the soul… Jenna’s Elysium debut! WELCOME JENNA, we hope to see more of you!

Tommee Profitt – Can’t Help Falling in Love

I don’t think the two faces of Eva in this dance have ever been more delicious. She blew my mind with this dance. The choreo is so tight and the magic is mesmerizing, I could watch this over and over! GIMME THIS SET!


We borrowed Jenna from Fly Gearz to dance us this week, it was great fun for everyone! Thank you Jenna!

With Everyone

OCEAN EYES – Billie Eilish

Levitate – Dua Lipa

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper

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