Elysium Cabaret September 24th, 2021 Hispanic Heritage Theme Show

Happy RL Birthday to Beebs, so very glad you made it to the party and what a party it turned out to be!!! Had to turn up the AC before the Fire Department was called out. This Friday’s theme show was just super smokin hot! DJ Gunner started everyone breathing quicker as soon as he turned on that sultry latino music stream, and Paul was rushing around like a madman trying to keep everyone calm, and keep those glasses filled! As soon as those lights were turned down and the show began, everyone’s eyes became focused on the incredible variety and fabulous talent that appeared, like magic, before them.

Taema “Felices Los 4” by Maluna with Kyser

Taema and Kyser kicked off this month’s Hispanic Heritage show setting the mood for sizzling romance on the big stage with a sultry tropical scene and sexy rhythms. Sweetly seductive and making everyone swoon wishing they were on that same beach!.


Usher brought a novel new angle to the Elysium stage tonight with a toast to the Spanish Riding School. With his beautiful steed he created a unique performance both fascinating and very creative!

Yancy- ‘Esperanto’ by Al Marconi with Diamonte, Babypea, Azdra, Melli, +2

Yancy had everyone bouncing in their seats as he moved his dance team smoothly in a beautiful set depicting a hot Spanish morning in front of the hacienda. Fabulous choreography, classy and very suave!

Mikiko ‘Sin Pijama’ (Audio) by Becky G, Natti Natasha

Sexy and Wild, Mikiko brought us sizzling Latin beats with seductive moves that enticed every eye. Dancing in a scene designed for temptation, she captivated her watchers, setting their fantasies free to run wild.

Bianka ‘ Havana Una’ by Camille Cabello with Melli, Pea, Imogen

The streets of Havana didn’t know what hit them when Bianka took the stage to those smooth latin sounds. The setting was perfect, old Havana never looked so good, and her seemingly effortless moves captivated her audience!

Britt “Rosalia – Lo Vas A Olvidar” by Billie Ellish with Hell, Kyser, Taema, Eli, Koyia

Her beautiful set, and flawless movement took us to another realm. As we watched we were brought to a poignant almost wistful world that transcended any language barriers and enchanted us with sentiment and emotion.

Babypea – Santana ‘Smooth ft. Rob Thomas Trimmed’ with Web, Hailie, Bianka

A Latino sunset and four sexy women set the scene for our show finale. Moving to the tantalizing rhythm of Santana, Babypea bewitched the crowd. Her flawless portrayal
teased the senses and left everyone with a smile!


Bianka had us all dancing in our seats and on stage at the Mamita Lounge! It was so much fun, the set was wonderful , the tunes amazing and everyone had a fabulous time!

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