Elysium Cabaret October 1st 2021 Show

Fabulous show this weekend, Paul was out of town but I had an unbeatable support team helping to me to greet guests. A big shout out of thanks to Beebs, Eva and Web! Such a great variety of performances. This is what people come to see! Life may be crazy but it is never boring with the Elysium Cabaret!

Cael ‘Lost in the Rhythm’ by Jamei Berry – with Azdra

Cael and Azdra had our toes tapping to that great electro-swing sound. It was a great start to the show, cheerful, fun and with perfectly excecuted choreography. Bravo Cael, glad you are dancing with us!!!

Taema ‘Swalla’ by Jason Derulo – With BabyPea, Evangelina, Rosie, Kyser

Taema was making everyone chair dance as she and her group took the stage with a suave Kyser sitting back on his ‘I’m the boss’ chair enjoying the moves those ladies made. It was a superb touch when he moved up to dance along with them. Beautiful, smooth movements, perfectly timed!

Azdra ‘ Legs’ by ZZ Top -With BabyPea, Melli, Morganna, Imogen, Chrissy, Eva, Taema, Divalin, Cael, Kyser, Diamonte

Legs, Legs, Legs! Great song, great set, great choreography! The costumes were sexy and overall expressed the sentiments of the tune itself perfectly. No doubts that they audience enjoyed it and so did we!

Hailie ‘TBD’- With Quient

Hailie put the sex in sexy seducing our senses as we watched her up on that big stage. Her performance was alluring and provocative , her movements smooth and fluid. Loved the costumes and set.very well performed!

Soco- ‘Adiemus’ by Enya – With Diamonte, Fafnir, Tristan

Exquisite. My camera can’t do this performance justice. An incredible song, fantastic costumes and detailed delicate background all add up to create this spiritually magical performance!

Babypea ‘Chosen One’ by Valley Of Wolves – With Gunner, Zack, Quient, Cael

Powerful, perfect closing song to the show. Babypea and her dancers set the stage on fire..literally! The effects of the dance was fascinating. The music was strong, and the dance performance created a sense of no matter how bad things get ..never give up to its viewer! Fabulous!

Eva-Crowd Dance

Eva is incredibly talented and often completely mad with creativity! For our crowd dance this week she had everyone upside down and inside out ashaking the change from our pockets as we moved across the floor…ceiling..walls, I was so dizzy I couldn’t keep track but we all had a blast! Thank you Eva for the huge smile on my face!

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