Elysium Cabaret October 15th 2021 Show

It was Friday night,  and what a great evening it was at  The Empire Room!  The ELYSIUM CABARET arrived on the scene  to share their incredibly creative visions with the world,  the crowd was excited and ready to party and  they were not disappointed!   DJ Gunner warmed everyone up with fabulous tunes, Babypea sat, coffee in hand ,organizing the symphony ahead by making sure the caching was done and the mood was top notch!  Wiz was smiling at the fantastic dance order  he had brought into life while  Paul and I greeted and called out to people, and then Paul  was off and running, handing out that free top shelf champagne and the party moved into full swing!!    Also extra extra!  BIG news!!  A very, very Happy 10th Anniversary to Kyser and Taema!!!  One decade down; forever to go, we wish you all the Happiness and Love in the world! 

Babypea – ‘ Aim To Misbehave’ by Faderhead –   With Beebs and Gracie

Babypea  you truly inspire me every time I see you up on that stage! Your dynamic ingenuity and creative mind are a true gift. You never fail to surprise me,and are a brilliant lesson to us all that if you let your mind go wild, you can do ANYTHING! Amazing performance and incredible set and costumes!

Yancy- ‘ You know my name’ by Chris Cornell –  With, Melli, Cael, Azdra, Hell, Britt

Let us introduce you to The Elysium Cabarets  Mr Bond — Yancy Bond that is. OMG Yancy I just loved  that intro screen, it caught my attention right at the start,  So creative! Sound the fire alarms ladies, he’s got a gun!   Wonderful performance, nicely done and very suave!

Taema – ‘ Everything I do I do it for you’ –  With Kyser

Taema and Kyser..words can hardly express how staggeringly beautiful this performance was. . What a perfect way to  express your love and devotion to each other!  Everyone watching could feel the passion and closeness that  you share together.  As you danced in perfect harmony, you brought us tears of joy.   Perfect song for your 10th Anniversary  Congratulations!!!

Ariel – ‘ The Circle ‘ by Blackmore’s Night – With Sagia, Morganna, Koyia, Alexis

It is anyone’s guess what Ariel has conjured up with her sacred fire in the deep dark forest this week! You could feel the power as we danced around the flames calling up some ancient Gods from who knows where!  Fantastic choreography, smooth, sensuous and vibrant, everyone was tapping their toes and singing along as they watched with big smiles on their faces!

Sarah –  “Last Night, Good Night” by Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] – With Ginty

Sarah brought tears to my eyes watching this performance. A touching story of loss and missing someone and not being able to let go and say goodbye. A dream of reuniting somewhere, someday . Very deep and haunting, sweetly heartfelt, and the choreography echoed these emotions perfectly. Bravo Sarah and Ginty!

Eva – ‘ Trombone’ by AronChupa & Little Sis Nora

Sassy is the best word I can think of to describe Eva as she wiggled and jiggled in her fun and perfectly choreographed version of Trombone. Everyone was smiling (and the band played on),  surprisingly never missing a beat though their eyes must’ve been watering trying to keep calm as she strutted her stuff across the floor!! Loved it Eva, you always know how to make people smile, and forget all their worries and you do it so well!

Chrissy – ‘ Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums’ by A Perfect Circle With Cassie and Akiko

Super performance, creepy evil creatures and the heroine a harsh mistress but defending what she loves with al her power..super choreography and scene changes chrissy and the costumes were really awesome!

Bianka(crowd dance)

Oh my gosh such wonderful moments! Loved the set and the songs and choreo and all the laughter and good natured teasing that spread across the Empire Room !!! Thank you Bianka for sharing such good entertainment with us and for making our world rock!

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