Elysium Cabaret October 22nd, 2021 Show

Another splendid nights entertainment at The Empire Room for our Friday night show! It is clear just how much work and dedication goes into performances when our gifted choreographers take the stage! A great deal of thanks to them for bringing such creative talent to us, and also to everyone behind the scenes that makes it come together. This is what teamwork is all about! So much goes in to creating these shows so thank you thank you to the support dancers, Paul, DJ Gunner, Babypea,, Wiz, and most of all a huge shout of appreciation to our audience. We are truly grateful that you come and spend your time with us, and it is you who keeps us going strong!!! Oh and speaking of audience, a big hello to Arrehn Oberlander (MetaHarper Show Tools), who sauntered in quietly when no one was looking lol! It was great to see you there Arrehn! We hope you enjoyed the show, and that you will come back to visit us again very soon!

Hailie – ‘Anubis’ by Reeson With Quient, Melvis, Beebs, Taema and Kyser

Powerful song and the choreography was just fabulous and the costumes were superb! Great effects with the mummies coming out of their tombs as if rising from the dead too! Bravo Hailie..really a wonderful performance!

Dear – ‘Chains’ by Nick Jonas

The chains that bind us in love… excellent to say the least Dear! I love the descent on the golden heart bound by those chains and your solo was beautifully done, sensual and seductive and very smoth! Well put together!

Chrissy – ‘Remain Nameless’ by Florence + The Machine

Very deep song, and very well portrayed in Chrissy’s performance. She captured the essense perfectly , the song says I want to remain nameless.. and that unknown faceless silhouette is a master touch Chrissy!

Misha – ‘ Show me how you burlesque’ by Christina Aguilera With Eva, Koyia, Morganna, Paul, Diamonte, Hell

Rawwrrr….Everyone once bouncing in their seats when Misha hit the stage! No you can’t keep a good girl down, and Misha shows us all how its done! Sexy, vibrant and fun and all done with top notch choreography! Brilliant!

Bianka – ‘Ego’ by Willy William With BabyPea, Beebs, Diamonte, Melli

This just makes me smile! So fun! Bianka was razor sharp on this one and cutting things thin..paper thin that is! What a unique perspective and creative touch! Love it Bianka! Whimsical and so well performed!

Sarah – ‘Diamond Heart’- Alan Walker (feat. Sophia Somajo) With Ginty

Lovely, the set is creative, the movements gentle and yet strong. The song talks of braving every darkness for the one they love if they just had a diamond heart..cold and unbreakable. Fantastic performance Sarah! Very Well Done!

Quient (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix) by Usher More With Kyser, Hailie, Taema, EvA, Babypea, Diamonte, Gunner, JO

Wow Quient..just wow! This was a spectacular! Superb artistic expression combined with a very emotional rythm! Powerful and strong! I loved the scene and costume changes..overall, perfectly synchronized !

Eva (Crowd)

Eva! This house is so scary!!!!! I kept looking over my shoulder expecting some creepy crawlies to appear ! Loved the tunes , so upbeat and wild! Thanks so much for pushing us around and making us laugh!

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