Elysium Cabaret October 29th, 2021 Halloween ‘Cursed’ Theme Show

Yikes whats this???!! I peeked backstage and was going to call a doctor but Babyp waved me off telling me she has finally found the perfect diet! I think that’s a little extereme myself but ehhh whatever floats your boat..I mean bones Baby!!! =P

Plenty of tricks and treats were in store for this month’s Halloween Spooktacular Theme show. It was frighteningly fabulous, and so much fun!!! Hang on to your seats Empire Room, the Elysium|Cabaret has gone wild, wicked and weak in the knees!

Diva – Black Magic Woman – Remix With Morganna

Black Magic was afoot for certain when I skipped down the path unaware that this sorceress was waiting to capture me and turn me into her evil minion! I just loved this Diva! Your choreography and set changes were fantastic and it was such fun as well! Great start to set the tone of the night ahead!!!!!

Britt – Billie Ellish Cover By Ankor ‘Bad Guy’ With Azdra and Taema

On fire with this one Britt! Cages, flames, skeletons… What can I say but sexy, strong and smooth! Brilliantly put together and just a little creepy!!!!

Sarah – NIGHTWISH – The Poet And The Pendulum With Ginty, Kyser and Cael

Wow Sarah! This song is deep, and the dance you made for it was emotional and powerful and perfectly timed! My camera could not do it justice to be honest. I can only imagine the intense work that went into creating this!

Mikiko – Ricky Rebel-Geisha Dance

Your song was deceptively very dark! When I first heard the beat it sounded bouncy and fun however, when I looked past my camera lens, watched you and listened, you told a very very different totally unholy story! Excellent work!

Taema – “I am in love with a Monster” by Fifth Harmony With Kyser

How wonderfully done this was! Beauty and the Beast in a new twist! Darkly romantic with a sweet touch , excellent one Taema!

Bianka – The Speakeasies’ Swing Band – Black Swamp Village With Wiz, Murph, BabyPea, Temp, Beebs, Diamonte, Melli, and Cael

Woohooo! Bianka you brought those swamp ghosts to their knees! Provocatice, sultry and saucy..a great all around performance with smooth and eerie scene changes..Loved it!

Hailie – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Dark Version) With Hailie with Quient, Antonio, Jilley, Taema and Kyser

Dark and mysterious, this as a master performace Hailie, the setting , movement and costumes were vividly perfect in my opinion. Bravo..truly a creation to treasure!

Babypea – Faderhead – Sick City With Beebles, Web, Gunner, Misha, Azdra, Koyia

Babypea, Hell didn’t know what hit those flaming tiles once you landed..reminds me of that saaying ‘Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says oh no, she’s up!‘ Hahahaha! That says it all about your performance..you’d have the devil on the run fearing for his life! Spine-tingling, and fabulously designed!

Bianka (crowd)

Bouncing in my seat once Bianka got us all hooked in! What a great time and great tunes to shake our bootys to! So much fun Bianka! Thank You!

Random Halloween Pics and the after party..can you tell who is who?! Happy Halloweeen!!!!!

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