Elysium Cabaret Saturday Matinee October 30th, 2021

Imogen  – “This is Who I Am” – Tape Machines   With Babypea, Bianka, Azdra, Chrissy, Morganna, Dear

I love how you think Imogen! This dance is all about being an individual and thinking out of the collective..great use of color and design, those boxes are just so cool and the timing was perfection!!!

Quient – Ne-Yo – Another Love Song (Audio) With Hailie

This is a performance that makes people feel good and smile happily! Upbeat and romantically sentimentil, and the dance , the costumes and the set are just wonderful!

Ana – Oasis – China Anne McClain: Calling all the Monsters With Sari, Ava, Josy, Emelie, Tyli

What a fun dance this was to watch!!! It was an impressive display of choreography and creativity! Bravo Oasis!!!

Hailie – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Dark Version) With Quient, Antonio, Jilley, Taema and Kyser

Fatal Love, can’t get deeper than that!! Excellent performance Hailie, I love how you used special movements like this fall within your dance itself, so very good. You really outdid yoursdelf with this one!

Cael – Somebody’s Watching Me

Cael this is sooo creepily good! Those eyes are flat out scary haha!! I would love to see inside your head lol! excellent performance!

Taema – : Fever With Kyser

Taema this dance is boundlessly creative! I loved the costumes, set and your use of animations which flowed together so well. Wonderful!

Azdra – Lindsey Stirling – Where do we go With Imogen, Chrissy, Morganna and Beebs

Magical performance Azdra. Beautiful song and costumes, such a pleasure to be a part of it all! You captured the spirit of it and brought it all to life!

Babypea –  Faderhead – Aim To Misbehave   With Beebles and Webby

Dynamic and Rockin our world ! These costumes are out of this world and the set is amazing! Love your use of choreography and design.. just wow! I’m still bouncing in my seat, great one!

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