Elysium Cabaret November 12th, 2021 Show

This week was a blast !! The ELYSIUM CABARET did it again bringing smiles, laughter and the occassional jaw drop as our choreographers took the stage. It has been a crazy week for all and it is SO good that we finally reached the weekend!!! The imagination, talent and creativity that we are able to see performed at The Empire Room never ceases to amaze me, such awesome talent and unfettered creativity! We are very lucky and Blessed to be given such a gift!!! A big Happy Birthday to Sarah.. the best of wishes out to you!! Onward we go!!!

Diva -Lizzo – ‘Lingerie’ With Oliva, Scarlot, Bianka, Webby

Go Diva!!! Loved this, clever, sexy and smooth. Awesome use of props and movers..a pleasure to watch ,very well put together and a great start to our show!!!

Rory – Oh Boy! Karaoke! With Quient, Zach, Cael, Josef, Wiz

Oh gosh Rory you never fail to make me me smile!!! Loved this! I swear you must be a madman with an imagination that has no limitations hahaha. Just fabulous!!!

Azdra – REMIX – Flintstones Theme/Walk the Dinosaur With Cael, Melli, Webbies, Zach

The Flinstones!!! OMG I hadn’t thought of them in years!!! I just loved that time travel plan you created.. Very cool! The whole night at the museum idea..and just adore your little theif, hope you caught up and got everything back!!!!!

SoCo – Set Me On Fire With Baby, Vanity, Ame

Whistles, I don’t know if you caught the voices in the crowd but you certainly started fires with this performance SoCo!! Fabulous choreo; seductive and blazing hot!!! Love this set too , couldnt do it fair with my camera taking the pics but it is really just incredible!

Sarah – JK/DA Popstars With Ginty

*Sings* Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you… and I seriously enjoyed this performance Sarah! It was upbeat colourful and so fun..I really like those cars too hahaha! Well done!!!

Babypea – I Got a Pea With Gunner, Quient, Rory, Hailie, Web

Oh Pea..only you ahahahaha!!! This is almost beyond words I mean besides cute, fun and bouncy with fantastic choreo just how does someone describe these veges in all their glorious vegetable shapes??!!! Clever and clearly the Pea is found 😉 loved it!!!!!

Wiz – Every Breath You Take – Chase Holfelder

Excellent performance and and awesome set, seriously creeeepy scary..and compelling. Unable to look away…going to have nightmares just thinking about this persona listening to us breathing!!! That mask is intense and so was your dance! Geat job Wiz!

Eva – Ryan Star – Start A Fire With Misha, Baby, Zena, Cowgirl

What is that sizzling sound??? Eva I never realized how naughty you are and you do it so very well !!! Loved this, the choreography was superb and the set annd costume changes really fired up the crowd! Beautifully done and beautiful ladies! Awesome!

Bianka (crowd)

Bianka you had us bebopping , enjoying those cheerful and energitic tunes as you danced us all across the stage! Everyone had a blast, and such a great time!!!!

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