Elysium Cabaret November 19th, 2021 Show

FAN-TASTIC!!!! The Elysium Cabaret was on fire this weekend with all of the components an incredible show needs, a lot of sexy, sweet, soft, and seductive all in one great evening! The simplicity but effectiveness of the dancers’ use of animations was beautiful to watch, they all told a story with the dynamics of their movements. Thank you all for such an amazing show!!!

Taema – Kiss Down Low by Kelly Rowland With BabyPea, Dear, Hailie

Teama, you caught our attention the moment that curtain opened with you rhythmic moves, sexy outfits, beautiful ladies and sultry song.. You can do anything with that combo! You made all the changes in set and costumes look effortless..fabulous!

Ariel – Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick- True Colors With Morganna and Paul

Beautiful and peaceful are the first words that come to my thoughts about this performance of Ariels which both Paul and I had the priveledge off being a part of. It is a powerful song and the delicately graceful movements showed great strength through gentleness..just lovely!

Dear – : Diane Warren, Rita Ora, Sofía Reyes, Reik – Seaside

Dear, you make me want to go on vacation! What a pretty set, so warm and inviting! The song makes you think of pina coladas and sunshine, and I loved your delightful dance and smooth movements. Is that surf up yet?!!!

Azdra – Nomy – This Heart of Ice With Melli, Cael, Yancy

Exquisite and romantic set, and outstandingly perfect outfits to set it off. The effect of movement both with the dance and the with the pagoda was alluring. Love that hair! Fluid animations, almost feline in nature Azdra, and so well executed!

Sarah – Tugen Renka With Ginty and Bianka

This performace was very pretty sarah and the intricate and detailed choreography was very well put together ! Love the set and costumes as well,. I really Enjoyed watching this!

Yancy – Fozzy – Nowhere to Run With Azdra, Melli

What a great tune Yancy and your dance did it justice! Loved your uniques stage entrances, deceptive in simplicity, and effective! Exceptional choreo..very well done!

Hailie – Rihanna – Sledgehammer With Quient, EvA and Diamonte

Hailie, I have to say that the power and intensity of your dance was a moment of beauty in my evening! The costumes and set were incredible and your choreography was stunning!

EVA (crowd)

Hahahaha! Eva does it again, spinning us up, down, and all around! SO much fun and I loved both the music and the set changes.. Superb!!!!!

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