Elysium Cabaret November 26th, 2021 Show

Our Friday Jazz Theme was an inspiring showcase at The Empire Room!. Every performance was outstanding, vibrant and so fun! Jazz is a category of music that allows for so many variations in style and we certainly had a night full of that creativity as the ELYSIUM CABARET shared their visions with the crowd who just loved it!

Taema – Bye Bye Black Bird With BabyPea, Beebs, Eva H, Divalin. Jo, Hailie, Quient, Kyser

This opening act was just fantastic, the costumes, set and the dance itself was superbly done. I just loved this Taema, you have outdone yourself on this one! I hope to see it again one day, simply wonderful!

Luna – Down by The River Side With Gabriella and Apache

So glad you are back Luna we have all missed you and yor performance tonight was just so fun an uplifting! Hope we see much more of you in this upcoming year!

Morganna – Fever – Peggy Lee With Sunset and Babypea

I have to say thank you to these two sexy ladies dancing with me! It was fabulous to have been able to be up there on stage with both of you..loves you both!

Babypea – Everybody Jam Scatman John With Gunner, Hailie, Quient, and Web

This was great Baby, I love the costumes, set and song.. you always seem to be able to pull everything together in one perfect vision!

Sunset – Alok – Table for Two With Ktahdn Vesuvino, Morganna Marenwolf, Paul Woodrunner, Star Lyonesse, Tristan Lyonesse, Babypea and Gunner

This is lovely Sunset, and ty so much for includig us. I love the way the set turned out and the dance you made was perfect with that wonderfully sweet old song!

Mikiko – Beth Hart – Jazz Man

A masterpiece of sexy.. and what a great song! All the tradition elements of Jazz are in this dance and you managed to bring it to the stage.. just super!

Eva – (crowd collaboration )- Set Design Gracie Amore; Animations Eva

I had so much fun dancing the crowd dances tonight Eva… you and gracie made a pretty good team on this, and everyone had such a wonderful time…love your outfit by the way..fabulous!

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