Elysium Cabaret December 3rd, 2021 Show

Dance is a form of expression that brings people together, allows creativity to thrive, and is a fantastic way to escape the stresses and cares of life in both worlds. The charasmatic show that the Elysium Cabaret put on at The Empire Room on Friday was all of that and much more! We had a pretty good crowd last night and it was apparent that they loved all of the performances! Happy 5 month Anniversary to Cael and Azdra, your dance was a super sweet gift Az! hugs to you both!

Imogen – “Voices” – Switchfoot ft. Lindsey Stirling

Super depiction of this song. A tough song to express but you pulled it off nicely with simplicity and style. well done, excellent and powerful choreo and smooth transition and I loved thed negative to positive set changes!

Ariel – Kim Petras- ‘Future Starts Now ‘

Very emotional, and heartfelt and such a pretty set with the changing lights behind you great interpretation of the songs story through your movements and dance routine, beautiully done Ariel!

Luna – Tell Him With Gabriella

It was easy to see that you put your heart and soul into this dance. Very Lovely choreography and song choice, emotionally deep and engaging to all of us whoo watched it!

Diva  – Shania Twain – Man, I Feel Like A Woman!   With Oliva Wonder and Scarlot Verrazzano

This was a fabulosly dynamic and eye-catching performance Diva! Loved the song, the outfits your set and transitions and you did it all so smoothly! Bravo!

Mikiko – Cold War Kids – So Tied Up ft. Bishop Briggs

Wonderful, colourful set, beautifuly designed. Great dance, smooth and flowing and the energy was wonderful! Felt kinda bad for the headless guy but I guess he deserved all he got !!

Azdra – No Resolve – Easy On Me With Cael, Melli, Yancy, Paul, Morganna, Gunner, BabyPea, Hailie, Quient

Loved this Azdra! What a loving gift! Graceful and gentle you shined through! Superb couples movements, terrific transitions, congratulations to you both and ty for asking us to dance with you!

Wiz – Pentatonix – Mary Did You Know

You chose one of the most incredibly beautiful songs I know and put it in a setting where movement carried a true expression of the poignant joy in the song. Incredibly done Wiz. Just beautiful, sensitive and soulful..super!

The Heist (Mavrick’s Grinch Intro)    With Sloan, Tessa, and Melli

Mavrick, this was mind-blowing and just, well, phenomenal! So creative and cleverly put together! The performance, costumes and set were all Extraordinary! Great finale to the show and one that put everyone in a jolly mood! Fantastic!

Bianka (Crowd)

Oh my gosh Bianka this was so much fun! L:oved the music, the dance animations you chose and the set! Big crowd up on that stage and everyone had such a wonderful time! Thank you for being there and for sharing this with us!!!

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