Elysium Cabaret Christmas Show December 17th, 2021 

No I didn’t forget, don’t worry, it has just been a crazy two weeks and I had to pause to catch up with myself!! It was Hailie’s Birthday this week..and I am sorry I couldn’t stay for the party on Thursday but from what I hear it was a fun evening that won’t be forgotten quickly!! The Elysium Christmas show on Friday was a wonderful and magical evening filled with the holiday spirit. It was entrancing and brought smiles to everyones faces and the afterparty was rockin those Christmas tunes of all types haha.. I hope that you all enjoy these photo memories and that you all have a Blessed and joyful Christmas!!!! See you in 2022!!! (oh….and RUN RUDOLPH RUN!!!) =p

Hailie – The Polar Express With Quient, Taema, Kyser, EvA, Jo and Beebs

Cael – Christmas Vacation With Azdra, Melli, Koyia

Kyser – Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry With Taema

Azdra  – Josh Grobin – Believe    With Melli, Cael, Yancy, Shaane, Sage

Misha – Faith Hill – Where are you Christmas With Eva, CG

Quient – Leona Lewis – Kiss Me It’s Christmas ft. Ne-Yo With Hailie

Babypea  – : Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody    With Fuku, Beebs, Webby, Gunner and Logan

Eva – Crowd Pajama’s and Christmas afterparty!

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