Elysium Cabaret January 7th, 2022 Show

It was our first show of 2022 on Friday and it was truly one creative evening of dance. fantastic sets, incredible costumes, and wild imagination! This was not a show that will easily be forgotten!.We were all revved up from the very first performance! Rez day this past week for Elysium Co-Owner Paul Woodrunner on the 3rd. we started the 2022 show seasopn later this month but you aren’t forgotten! 13 years! HAPPY BELATED REZ DAY!!!!

Rory – Beg By Jesse Malay

Speechless lol. This was totally bonkers, completely off the wall and twisted, and also a fabulous performance Rory!

Dear – Ashe – Me Without You

Beautiful and strong, both the song and lady! Dear I just loved your choreography with this. It all fit together so perfect and smooth!

Rosie – I HATE RAP – CONFEDERATE RAILROAD With Gunner, Paul, Wiz, Rory, Cael

very fun dance Rosie, nothing better than sexy cowboys out on the ranch ! great choreo and a ton of smiles!

Melli- : Because The Night by 10,000

Whistles ! naughty naughty melli..I have no doubt you melted more than just a few frozen toes when you danced tonight ! wonderful song and great interpretation!!

Wiz Dream On – Morgan James (PMJ)

Your songs, sets and choreography are always so deceptively simple..and remarkably deep. Beautiful performance Wiz, very emotional!

Mikiko : My strange addiction- Billie Eilish

Mikiko brought the Sssssss in seductive with this dance. Love this set and costume..overall a fabulous package and your movements were very smooth and sultry!

Eva (Crowd Dances) – Singing in the Rain (Storm in a Double DD Cup Remix), Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony, Nelson – After The Rain

Still laughing that as soon as you turned up the storm on stage my computer flashed a messaged that it was raining! Synchronicity at its finest lol! So much fun and laughter and great props too..Thank you so much for this fantastic crowd dance!!!

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