Elysium Cabaret January 14th, 2022 Show

What a fantastic show at The Empire Room last night as the Elysium Cabaret took to the stage! Such a great variety of performances. This is what people come to see! Life may be crazy but it is never boring with the Elysium Cabaret!

Azdra  – ‘BYU Vocalpoint –  The Greatest Showman A Cappella Mashup’ –     With Eva, Shaane, Sage, Cael, BabyPea, Morganna, Yancy, Melli

Wow Azdra! I cannot even imagine the amout of really long hours and hard work that it took to create thisw set and performance..fantastic timing, excellent costumes and truly a wonderful production in itself!

Rosie – ‘ HANKY PANKY – MADONNA ‘ – With Dixie

Woohoooo! Go go Rosie! Wiggling and bouncing across that stage you need to be spanked hahaha! Great dance..and very fun!

Taema – ‘ Lalisa by Lisa ‘ – With Hailie, jo

Taema I have never seen a cuter costume and dance combo. Sassy and sweet is what comes to my mind, had me bouncing in my seat hehehe! Excellent choreo, bravo!!

Mavrick – ‘ So Hott ‘ – With Wiz and Gunner

Yikes! *Note to self: taking photos for the blog can be dangerous when you zoom in!* Fabulous Mav, great entrance, really superb way to interact with the audience and you had us all drooling over those smooth sexy moves!

Luna – ‘ SexyBack ‘ – With Rosie, Apache, Baby and Taema

Love Love your set and choreo Luna! Such smooth movement and superb Style! Wonderfully done!

Sarah – ‘ [ENG sub] PRODUCE48 [단독/최종회] 다시 만난 소녀들<내꺼야> NEKKOYA FINAL ver. 180831 EP.12 ‘ – With Ginty and Pearly

So very fun, and I just love these costumes and your set..superbly put together , excellent choreo and everything looked so perfect together! Way to go, just lovely!

Babypea  – ‘Yung Gravy – Oops for Beebles’ – With: Gunner, Beebles, Web, Bianka

Hahaha Baby this was so much fun to watch! Just loved the animations you used, they fit so well together making your performance hot, flirty , and adorable all in one!!!

Eva (Crowd)

Trying hard to keep a poker face … i just love love this set Eva! The animations and songs really set the tone up for the night as we all stared in amazement at your house of cards! so fun, thank you for the smiles!!!


So glad to have so many coming back to the dance floor after the show to kick back and relax while listening to excellent tunes! A huge thank you to Dj Gunner for that great song lineup and for sharing that extra hour with us !

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