Elysium Cabaret January 21st, 2022 Show

What Makes The Empire Room the home of such spectacular shows? It is our fantasic Elysium Cabaret choreographers, dependable support dancers , dedicated staff and our incredible audience who take the time out of their busy lives to come and share with us each week! This week was filled with surprises and tons of fun as well as sentiment! A new star has risen as well! Azdra did her first ever crowd dance and it was superb! ~Congratulations Az!!!

Rory- ‘ Lucy Woodward – Be My Husband’ – With Resmay

Ahahahaha! Rory put down that beer and dance with that poor woman lol. Great fun! Laughing in my seat. You truly have a master talent for creativity Rory.. just..wow!!!

Azdra – ‘Nightwish – Amaranthe’

This performance was so awesome Az! Love the set and the costume and your interpretation of this song was just lovely. Bravo!!!

Dear – ‘Hunter Hayes – Tell Me’

Absolutely Beautiful Dear! Such poignant sentiment, Such pleading.. your choreo was perfect and you truly brought out what the song feels!

Diawa – ‘Symphonic by Grimes’ – With Nara and Kay

Love this Diawa! Your performance and the song are both so unique and creative! I love how you split into the three of you and rejoined…fascinating and intense to watch! wonderful!!!

Sarah – ‘K/DA – MORE ft. Madison Beer,’ – With Ginty

Had to smile listening to the words of this song..suits you, you don’t fit in any mold and won’t be controlled hahaha.. Strong and intense..awesome performance Sarah!

Mavrick – ‘Steampunk Revolution’ – With Eva, Rosie, Dear and Azzy

Fantastic Mav! Such detail in everything and all the gears on the set and your dance worked perfectly! Fabulous costumes and set and very sexy! Love Steampunk and you brought what its all about to life on that stage! Awesome!

Chrissy – Ruelle – Bad Dream – With Cassie

Just georgeous Chrissy! What a creative image you painted us traveling in the dreamworld! Nightmare it may have been but you held us all riveted in it with you! So well done!

Azdra (Crowd Dance)

Azdra this was so great! I never would have guessed this was the first crowd dance you made, it was wonderful and so much fun! Looking forward to seeing more more more!!!!!

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