Elysium Cabaret Friday, February 4th, 2022 Show

News of the death of the Music Legend we all knew as Meatloaf led to an outpouring of grief around the world. Meat Loaf was one of the most iconic voices in the rock music world. His career lasted decades but his incredible and powerful music is timeless. This week The Elysium Cabaret and all of us here at The Empire Room remembered him through incredible dance performances to a few favorite songs, followed by a magical trip back in time as Eva took the stage for her crowd Meatloaf medley and then DJ Gunner filled our After hour with all of our favorite Meatloaf tunes. Meatloaf is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Long Live on this celebrated voice of Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!

Mikiko – ‘Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul · Meat Loaf’ – With Cael, Eva, Diamonte

Mikiko, this set is amazing,it looked so real we could step into it and party! Loved your outfits and your retro animations were perfect for this fabulous tribute you created!!!

Rory- ‘Work From Home’

Rory(or is that the great Darth Rory?)….shaking my head..only you hahaha! This was a painfully hilarious performance ! The choreo was right on the money , the song.. it is now legend in a whole new way as everyone will see these images when they hear it!!! Awesomely done Rory lol..and fabulous set btw!

Kyser – ‘Strip That Down’ – With Blue, Morganna, Taema, Eva Harley

Absolutely love, love this choreo! Great song and outfits and set! Very fun to see and dance to as well, had me bouncing in my rl lol…very sexy smooth movements and such cool set changes! Bravo! Just fabulous!

 Azdra- – ‘ Hot Patootie/Bless my Soul’ – With Cael, Yancy, Melli, Antonio, Jilley, BabyPea, Chrissy, Koyia, Quient, Hailey, Ame

Woohoooo! So on target Az, and I just love your couples choreography! Rockin the house down! Great fun and had everyone smiling and tapping their feet! Way to go!!!!

 Mavrick, – – Danger Zone’ – ‘With Cael, Gunner, Kyser, Rory

This is just brilliant Mav, heart stopping, amazing and sexy all wrapped up into one incredibly dynamic performance! Wonderful!

Sarah – ‘ Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell (PCM Stereo)- –    With Ginty, Wiz, Mikiko, Maverick, Rory, Azdra, Kyser, Eva

Sarah you have outdone even yourself on this one! I had to add the pic with paul as well to show the distance and dimensions of that incredibly smooth highway you created ! Just superb, what a fabulous tribute, if Meatloaf was still alive and saw this performance he would want you to create his sets I’ve no doubt! Bravo!!!!

Eva (crowd) –
Meatloaf Medley – Crowd Dance

This was an amazing crowd dance dedicated to Meatloaf, Eva. The set was so unique and fitting as a tribute honoring this great man and your medly was perfection!

DJ Gunner – Meatloaf Tribute Afterparty!!

Thank you to DJ Gunner for taking us on a trip down memory lane to where we once were and for bringing those passions we felt then back to us all! Great fun!!!!

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